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Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are statements by faculty members that describe the most important things students will know and be able to do when they graduate from a program.

Bachelor of Science Degree

Upon graduating from the Fashion Business Management BS program, students will be skilled in the following:

  • Business Fundamentals: Students will be able to make informed decisions utilizing current technology and business methodology to assess, analyze and solve current and predicted situations and opportunities connected to Fashion Business Management.
  • Communication: Students will be able to effectively express judgments, and propose and support innovative business decisions through coherent written and verbal skills, utilizing the proper industry terminology.
  • Globalism: Students will have the ability to assess markets, make buys, manage production, communicate business needs and identify changing supply chain scenarios in a global workplace environment.
  • Technology: Students will combine innovative thinking and technological competence to develop, assess and present business information using various sources including the Internet, secondary databases and other tools as well as proficiency in specific computer skills such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Research and Critical Thinking: Through innovative and resourceful research of primary, secondary and tertiary data, students will be able to evaluate and process information gathered to arrive at decisions which are both sound and creative and which demonstrate analytical thought.
  • Product Commercialization: Students will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the functions of product development, the merchandising of a line, the merchandising of a department, and the supporting marketing mechanisms.
  • Retailing/ Wholesaling: Students will gain knowledge of the mechanics required for interaction between the wholesale and retail parts of the business and will be able to interact professionally with retail and wholesale executives to solidify that knowledge and make career choices.