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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Connecting Our Community (COC)?
Connecting Our Community is an initiative to expand opportunities for students, faculty and staff to make new connections, network, and provide intellectual and cultural engagement. This initiative will award modest grants for small events on- or off-campus.

How does it work?
You must complete an application with a description of how the grant money will be used and an itemized budget for anticipated costs and expenses. All applications will be reviewed by the COC committee; applicants will be notified if they are awarded a grant or not. If awarded, the organizer must submit a post-event follow-up survey evaluating the success of the event as well as an expense report accompanied by receipts.

I submitted an application. Am I automatically approved?
No. All applications will be reviewed by the Connecting Our Community committee. Application submission does not guarantee approval and funding.

Who can apply?
While the grant is used to fund events catering to students and their faculty and staff, only a faculty or staff member can submit an application for funding. It is strongly suggested that it is co-authored with a student.

I am a student and want to sponsor an event, how can I do this?
You must have a faculty or staff person submit the application as they will be responsible for grant spending and reporting.

Can student organizations or groups apply for a grant?
No. Student organizations already have a source of funding.

What type of event can I apply for?
The initiative is to support and foster networking and relationship building across the FIT community. Any event, be it an upcoming exhibit, seminar, performance, meal, is appropriate as long as it promotes inclusiveness and crosses departments and/or schools.

I am a professor and would like to host an event for my class; can I apply for a grant?
Connecting Our Community grants are awarded for events that span the different schools and disciplines at FIT, enhancing the student experience. These grants are not intended to fund class experiences/assignments or replace (or take place during) your class time. Events must be open and available to the FIT community.

How do I get the money for the event?
If your application is approved, you must fill out a Request for Advance and submit to Bonnie Duke ( in room B-221 of the Business and Liberal Arts Center. The requested money will be disbursed as either a check or direct deposit within a few business days of receipt of Advance form.

The event is over, now what?
Grant recipients are required to submit a report giving a final synopsis of the event and its success in meeting the program requirements as well as an expense report accompanied by receipts. Participants of the event are asked to complete a post-event survey.

What if I have money left over?
You must submit all receipts, an expense report and balance (if any) within 1 week after your event. Any balance must be returned. You can write a check for the balance payable to FIT.

What if I had to lay out more money than received through the grant? What if the event costs more than anticipated?
A check, or Direct Deposit (via ACH) will be disbursed for the amount requested on your application. It is strongly recommended that you budget appropriately and stay within budget. Overspending will not be reimbursed.

I lost my receipts and/or I forgot to give back the unspent balance of the grant.
You must provide receipts and/or proof of spending. You must return any remaining balance. Failure to do so will result in getting charged for the grant amount.   

  • What does that mean?
    The amount of the grant will be deducted from your paycheck.