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School Closing/Emergency Information

As we anticipate winter weather in the coming weeks, we want the FIT community to be familiar with the communication channels that are regularly used to make weather-related announcements, as well as to understand some of the factors that determine college closures.

Safety of our community is a primary concern when evaluating weather conditions. FIT regularly monitors local weather—which can vary from the city to the surrounding suburbs—as well as the college’s academic schedule and calendar of activities, the status of mass transportation, the decisions of other educational institutions, and recommendations from local government. All of these factors help determine weather-related closures. Generally, however, unless weather is severe, the college makes every effort to remain open and hold classes.

FIT considers students, faculty, and staff in this decision, and within these groups the needs differ. Nearly thirty percent of FIT’s full-time students live in campus housing and are able to get to class. Many others, including the majority of faculty and staff, live in and around the five boroughs and can generally commute as well. While there are always students and employees who may have transportation difficulties or childcare needs based on local school closures, these tend to be individual issues and require individual decisions.

A determination to close or schedule a delayed opening is balanced between the inconvenience that a change in schedule may create for some and the varied needs of our entire community. Should the college decide to remain open during a storm, individuals should always evaluate their local weather conditions and make an appropriate decision regarding their own health and safety.

To communicate effectively and efficiently, FIT uses a variety of channels. In the event of an emergency or school closing, information for the community will be posted here and sent to your FIT email. The FITAlert message system is the timeliest and most convenient way for you to receive notifications. If you have not yet signed up for this alert, you are strongly encouraged to do so by visiting MyFIT.


Security 212 217.7777
College Closings 212 217.7792
Student Affairs 212 217.3800
Health Services 212 217.4190
Counseling Services 212 217.4260
External Relations 212 217.4700
Employee Assistance Program 212 217.5600