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School Closing/Emergency Information



Remediation of the basement of the Feldman Center continues, and the basement is still unusable; however, the Haft Theater has been cleared for events. The Registrar’s Office and the Admissions Office have been temporary relocated to Feldman Center, Room C415.

In partnership with contractor Maspeth Environmental, FIT’s Building and Grounds has a two-phase plan that will have the Feldman basement’s knitting labs, main computer labs, and classroom spaces ready for use by the beginning of the fall semester in August. Phase Two of the plan would cover storage, offices, and other work rooms; currently, no timeline for this phase is available.

Construction to the Pomerantz Center, and other on-campus projects, has been unaffected by the fire and continues as planned. Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, which was already in the midst of a renovation when the fire occurred, continues on schedule after remediation.

Tuesday, June 27, 1:40 pm

Conditions Update

Clean up in the areas affected by fire and smoke continues.

There will be residual odor in and around the Feldman elevator throughout the building and contiguous areas until debris is completely removed from the Feldman basement.

Sunday, June 25, 4:45 pm

Schedule for Monday, June 26

The college will operate on a normal schedule. All FIT offices will be open as scheduled. Classes—both credit and noncredit—will be held. Some classes originally taking place in the Feldman Center have been relocated. See below for details.

Conditions Update

In response to the fire that took place in the basement of the Feldman Center, the Vice President for Finance and Administration is overseeing campus-wide cleanup, which has been undertaken by FIT Buildings and Grounds and ABM in collaboration with external remediation specialists Maspeth Environmental and Environmental Planning & Management (EPM).

FIT’s physical plant—every classroom, office, lab, and studio in each of the five academic buildings—has been comprehensively cleaned. This includes wipe down of desks, walls, and floors. 

Areas directly affected by fire and/or smoke are listed below and will undergo further cleaning and restoration. 

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Planning & Management (EPM) conducted air monitoring evaluations of all academic buildings. All real-time monitoring and laboratory analyses results meet federal, state, and local regulations for re-occupancy criteria. 

Office and Facility Relocations and Closures

The following offices have been temporarily relocated:

  • Admissions to Feldman, Room C415B
  • Registrar to Feldman, Room C415C

The following classrooms and labs have been temporarily relocated:

  • CC15 Open Computer Lab to Gladys Marcus Library
2160 ID 254 15A MTW 13:30 17:20 5/30-7/3 C 229 C 515
2098 AR  115 15A MTW 18:00 21:50 5/30-7/3 C 229 B 302A 
1822 PM 121 25A TWR 18:00 21:50 5/30-7/3 C 412 A 309
1818 MG 153 25A MTW 9:00 12:50 5/30-7/3 C 415A A 587
1976 MA 311 85A MTW 11:10 13:00 5/30-7/3 C 415C B 825 

The following facilities are temporarily closed:

  • Haft Theater
  • Katie Murphy Amphitheatre
  • CC 41 Knitting Lab
  • CC 16 Julian Mason Knitting Classroom
  • CC 40  Julian Mason Patternmaking Lab

The following areas are temporarily inaccessible:

  • Feldman Center basement: closed off for asbestos abatement and reconstruction

Information Technology

IT staff have been conducting assessments of all technology equipment located in or around the area of the fire and smoke condition. As a result, most desktop computers in these areas are being tagged for disposal and replacement.

Should there be any question regarding normal functioning of equipment, contact the HelpDesk at

Event Management and Facilities Rental

The Executive Director of Event Management and Facilities Rental and staff have been relocating events from the theater and Great Hall to external venues. Starting on Monday, June 26, staff will address those events that were scheduled to be held in the Haft and/or other venues that may be affected by current clean-up. For further information, call 7-4210. 

Concerns and Questions

Employees who have any fire-related questions or concerns should speak with their supervisors who will direct them to Human Resources at extension 7-3650. The Employee Assistance Program is also available to employees who may have further concerns.

Students who have any fire-related questions or concerns should contact Dr. Shadia Sachedina, dean of Students, at The Counseling Center is also available to students who may have further concerns.

Friday, June 23, 10:15 am

Event Management and Facilities Rental staff are working with the administration to learn the extent to which any public space may be unavailable from residual consequences due to the fire in Feldman basement that happened on Wednesday, June 21. Moreover, we are waiting to learn about the availability of all facilities, including classrooms, that may need to be reassigned in the short term to accommodate fire-related cleanup. 

At this time, we are addressing those events that were scheduled in FIT space from this past Wednesday into early next week. On Monday, June 26, we will begin to focus on events scheduled into early July as well as new requests for both FIT and external clients.

If you have an immediate problem or question that cannot wait until the office reopens on Monday, please leave a message at 212 217 4120. 

Thursday, June 22, 8:45 pm

The fire on Wednesday, June 21 was caused by a spark from routine soldering in the basement of Feldman Center. It was extinguished quickly by the FDNY, who remained on site to assess and investigate conditions. Environmental and structural testing, assessment, and remediation has been conducted. Initial tests indicate that there are no problems with air quality, but we are waiting for results of a second environmental test that are being evaluated in a laboratory.

While most of the fire damage was confined to the Feldman Center basement, smoke and water affected some other spaces in Feldman. Clean up in those areas is on-going. 

To ensure the health and safety of the FIT community, the academic buildings, including the library and museum, will remain closed through Sunday, June 25. The results of the environmental tests will determine whether these buildings can reopen on Monday, June 26. Please check FITAlert and the FIT website on Sunday evening.

All classes, both credit and noncredit, remain canceled. 

Those who need access to personal items left in classrooms or offices may request a public safety escort by going to Feldman lobby. There will be no other admittance allowed. 

Wednesday, June 21, 4:04 pm

For Thursday, June 22, all academic buildings on 27th Street will be closed in order to facilitate remediation as a result of the fire in the basement of Feldman Center. This includes Gladys Marcus Library, The Museum at FIT, the dining hall, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble at FIT, and all academic spaces, such as labs and studios. Residence halls will be open as scheduled.

All classes, both credit and noncredit, are canceled. 

Part-time employees who were scheduled to work on Wednesday and/or Thursday will be paid for those scheduled hours.

Employees who work at 333 Seventh Avenue should report to work as scheduled. All IT staff who work on West 27th Street should report to work at 333 Seventh Avenue.

All academic building lobbies will be staffed by public safety officers. Those who need access to personal items left in classrooms or offices may request an escort by going to the appropriate building lobby. There will be no other admittance provided. 

Wednesday, June 21, 10:57 am

Due to ongoing smoke management and investigation, all buildings on 27th Street are closed and all classes are canceled for the remainder of the day. This includes Gladys Marcus Library and The Museum at FIT. Employees who work on 27th Street may leave for the day. Offices at 333 Seventh Avenue remain open.

Employees and students who need to retrieve personal belongings should remain on standby until FIT receives further instruction from FDNY regarding access to any campus buildings. We will share that information as soon as we have details about entering the buildings.

Decisions about Thursday (June 22) operations will be made Wednesday evening. Students and employees should monitor this website, FIT email, and FIT Alert for ongoing information.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 10:05 am

There is no longer a fire condition, but a smoke condition is being managed.

Faculty and staff may use available office space at 333 Seventh Avenue while the 27th Street evacuation remains in place. An HR representive will be in the lobby for assistance. 

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 9:45 am

Due to a fire condition in the basement of the Feldman Center, the following buildings have been evacuated and will remain off limits until further notice:

  • Dubinsky Center
  • Business and Liberal Arts Center
  • Feldman Center
  • Pomerantz Center
  • Goodman Center

The fire is contained and under control. Two FIT public safety officers are being treated for smoke inhalation.


Security 212 217.7777
College Closings 212 217.7792
Student Affairs 212 217.3800
Health Services 212 217.4190
Counseling Services 212 217.4260
External Relations 212 217.4700
Employee Assistance Program 212 217.5600