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Each graduate will receive four (4) guest tickets. All guests age 2 and up require a ticket for admission. Extra tickets are not anticipated to be available.

All students must complete the Commencement RSVP form to secure guest tickets.

Information about picking up tickets will be available at a later date.

Statement on Sale and Misuse of Commencement Tickets

FIT prohibits the sale or purchase of commencement tickets and the posting of advertisements offering tickets for sale or requesting tickets for purchase. FIT also prohibits the duplication of tickets as well as the production and use of counterfeit tickets.

Any student who the college has reason to believe is selling tickets, has purchased tickets, has posted an advertisement offering to buy or sell tickets, or who is found to have produced or attempted to use a duplicated or counterfeit ticket will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct. Penalties may include denial of permission to participate in commencement. Any guest found to be using such tickets will be refused admission to the ceremony.

Please contact commencement@fitnyc.edu with any questions or concerns.