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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Classes and employee work moved to online and remote environments through remainder of semester.   Read more details at fitnyc.edu/coronavirus

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Commencement 20 20

The 2020 commencement ceremonies have been been postponed. Visit Commencement Facts for updated information.


A Message from President Joyce F. Brown

Dear Students,

After considerable deliberation, I write to you today to share the unfortunate news that the May 2020 commencement undergraduate and graduate ceremonies, and all of their related events, will be postponed. I am very sad to add this disappointing news to the burdens of this semester, but given the unpredictable course of the coronavirus, I believe it is the only responsible way to proceed.

As you can imagine, producing such an event—under the best of circumstancesis a significant undertaking that takes months to plan. But more important is our determination to ensure your health and safety and that of your guests in light of the ongoing crisis.

This may seem like a predictable and perhaps obvious decision. But it was not. To all of us in the college community, commencement is the single most important event of the year. For you, our graduating students, it is the moment when faculty, friends and family gather to honor your achievementsthe milestone moment when you transition from students to successful alumni, poised to fulfilling your career goals. Indeed, it is a moment of great joy for everyone.

So I am very sorry that you, the members of the Class of 2020, who will have endured so much unprecedented upheaval as you complete your degree, cannot enjoy the May commencement ceremony you so richly deserve at its originally scheduled time.

As soon as we are able, we will turn our attention to planning a commencement event later in the year, and perhaps a virtual experience in the near future. We will work on this with the Student Government Association to ensure students have a voice in the production. As plans take shape, I will be back in touch so that everyone can plan accordingly.

Take good care of yourselves.

Dr. Joyce F. Brown
Fashion Institute of Technology