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Anna Blume, PhD

Anna BlumeProfessor
Ethics and Sustainability Minor Coordinator

Office Location: Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room B649
Phone: (212) 217-4646
Email: [email protected]  


BA, Williams College
PhD, Yale University

View Dr. Blume's CV (.pdf)


American Philosophical Society
Josef Albers Foundation, Dumbarton Oaks, Fulbright, Ford Foundation, SUNY Research Grants

Selected Publications and Digital Media

"Ancient Architecture in the Mississippi Valley: Monumentality Seen and Unseen (.pdf)," in RES Anthropology and Aesthetics. Illinois, Vol. 69-70, Spring-Autumn 2018, pp. 294-309.

The Archaic Bannerstone Project, launched in 2018

Bannerstone Research and Images featured in "Archaeology (.pdf)" July/August 2017

"Fluidity of Referents: Maya Appropriations and Adornments" a paper presented for Native/American Fashion: Inspiration, Appropriation, and Cultural Identity, NMAI NYC 4/22/2017

"Maya Time (.pdf)," in Art in America. September 2012

"Maya Concepts of Zero (.pdf)," in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. Philadelphia, Vol. 155, No. 1, March 2011, pp. 51-88. Maya Zero essay 2011

Flesh to Flesh (.pdf): Interview on ACT UP Political Funerals in Trigger 93 17-30, 2011

ACT UP Oral History Project, Interview Number 109, Interview by Sarah Schulman, January 2010

ACT UP Oral History Project, Interview Number 109 (.pdf), Interview by Sarah Schulman, January 2010

"Dialectics of Conversion: Las Casas and Maya Colonial and Post Colonial Congregacin (.pdf)," in Religion and Secular: Historical and Colonial Formations.  Edited by Timothy Fitzgerald, 24-45.  London: Equinox, 2007

Rollout: Interview with Photographer Justin Kerr on his Work with Ancient Maya Pots
"Animal Transformations: The Mixing of Maya and European Fantasy and Belief (.pdf)," in A Pre Columbian World.  Edited by Mary Miller and Jeffrey Quilter, 242-261. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2006

"Mesh: Tale of the Hermaphrodite (.pdf)," LTTR 4, Printed Matter, New York September 2005

Grand Central Station Action: No Bush Lies Wars Banner, August, 2004

"Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya. A review of the Maya Exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (.pdf)."  Art in America, December, 2004

"The Cause Was Hatred,"  in New York Times Editorial Letters, 9/13/2001

"On Sadness (.pdf)." [Essay for an exhibition of works by Siobhan Liddell], UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California, 2000

"Secession: Zoe Leonard," Zoe Leonard - Anna Blume Interview for Exhibition Catalog Vienna, Austria 1997

Afterlife of Images: Text (.pdf)
Volume I: 1997 PhD Dissertation in the History of Art, Yale University

Afterlife of Images: Images (.pdf)
Volume II: 1997 PhD Dissertation in the History of Art, Yale University

"In a Place of Writing (.pdf)," in Plains Indian Drawings 1865-1935. Edited by Janet C. Berlo, 40-44. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1996.

"In the Wake of Production: a study of Peter Bruegel'sLandscape with the Fall of Icarus (.pdf)," in Essays in Honor of Donald Gifford. Edited by Donald E. Morse.  New York: Lang Publishing, 1995

"Ways Through Amnesia: Photographs and Native American History (.pdf)," in Print Collectors Newsletter, July 1995.


  • HA 114 – Prehistoric Art
  • HA 216 – American Indian Art and Civilization
  • HA 224 – Mesoamerican Art and Civilization
  • HA 225 – Art and Civilization of India
  • HA 395 – Studies in American Indian Art and Culture
  • HA 397 – Studies in Maya Art and Culture
  • HA 462 – Art and Ethics