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Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are statements by faculty members that describe the most important things students will know and be able to do when they graduate from a program.

Bachelor of Science Degree

Upon graduating from the Advertising and Marketing Communications BS program, students will be skilled in the following:

  • Ethical Responsibility: Students will be aware of making ethically responsible decisions in the area of brand management.
  • Marketing Basics: Students will comprehend both the marketing process as well as the component market communications elements.
  • Brand Management: Students will build a brand using IMC strategies and tactics and develop brand equity through secondary associations such as extensions and alliances.
  • Marketing Communications Technology: Students will identify the workings of up-to-date technological tools in marketing communications.
  • Analysis and Critical Thinking: Students will develop, assess, and present business information using a variety of sources and computer software.
  • Globalism: Students will assess markets and cultures and determine areas of commonality and differences in customer needs, wants, and usage.
  • Teambuilding: Students will effectively work in a team to address common goals in an effective and efficient manner.