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FIT Gala

Sustainable Business and Design Conference


innovation in sustainability gala and conference

Sustainable Business and Design Conference: April 3 & 4, 2019
FIT Gala: April 3, 2019

At the heart of FIT’s mission is a commitment to sustainability and innovation. These two ideals are reflected in our academic programs, our physical environment, and our campus culture. Our faculty and students working together embrace innovative materials and invent alternative methodologies to make the world better for generations to come.

To celebrate our commitment to sustainability, for the first time the college brought together two of our signature events: FIT’s Annual Gala and the Sustainable Business and Design Conference. The gala honored three visionaries who are spearheading real change across industries, while the conference covered such topics as the workforce of the future and exciting innovations in biodesign.

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Read more about some of our current sustainability initiatives:

FIT is a community of unconventional minds, a place where we educate students to be design thinkers and problem solvers. There’s a new creative economy, at the crossroads of design, business, culture, and technology. To meet its challenges, FIT has laid to rest all tired assumptions, outdated practices, and conventional thinking. We’re moving forward with unshackled innovation—while celebrating traditional skills. We’re seeking unstoppable people, cultivating unrestrained ingenuity, and advancing unforgettable ideas. That’s why our students, faculty, curriculum, and industry partners are unlike all others. They’re unpredictable, unbridled, unexpected—and in tune with the new, the next, the first, the best. So it’s unsurprising that creative industries seek out our grads to help their businesses stay undeniably relevant.

As the primary fundraising arm for FIT, the FIT Foundation supports and celebrates fearless innovation, inclusivity, and unabashed creativity. Since 1944, the FIT Foundation has advanced the mission of the college and its strategic goals by preparing students to fuel the future of fashion, business, design, technology, and the arts. Serving as a bridge between donors and FIT’s schools, departments, and programs, the Foundation strives to inspire and empower the vibrant community of FIT friends, students, alumni, faculty, and industry leaders. Through scholarship development, industry engagement, and programs and events with social impact, the Foundation is dedicated to the following core mandates: igniting thought leadership, fostering ingenuity and exploration, and helping FIT lead the next generation of unconventional minds into the new creative economy.