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Tom LaForge

Tom LaForgeTom LaForge - Global Director, Human & Cultural Insights at The Coca-Cola Company

Tom, who has worked for Coca-Cola for almost 20 years, studies the large, long-term macroforces that are reshaping our world and driving the changes in human behavior that we all call trends. His work is used to guide development of Coca-Cola's portfolio and M&A strategies; brand and communication strategies; and most recently Coca-Cola's worldwide sustainability platform called Live Positively. He has explored such topics as the meaning of well-being, sports and fitness, happiness, and the rising value of design in over 30 countries. He is fascinated by the unprecedented set of socio-historic drivers that are generating dramatic attitudinal changes across the globe such changes as expanding worldviews, increasing demands on businesses (and their customers) to address social and environmental challenges, and the increasing value of human creativity.