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Breakout Sessions

Title Description Presenters Room
Our Ocean Environment: A Photographic Expedition View photographs and discuss environmental problems in our oceans. Keith Ellenbogen, Assistant Professor, Photography SR 4
IN Green-OUT Waste Learn how FIT converted to a green, digital print and mail facility. Roy Larsen, Print Manager Great Hall
2013 Sustainability Grant Recipients:
Blue Plate Special
Where Does Our Trash Go?
Grants recipients describe their projects. Julia Jacquette, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts Jonathan Vatner, Staff Writer, Hue Magazine SR 7
Measuring FIT's Impact: The Dubinsky Center A Labs Renovation Students research impact of the A Labs project. Graduate Students, Sustainable Interior Environments
Yehuda Kaufman
Raquel Marichal Lopez
Yesenia Abreu

Kristine Golden
Wilmi Jose Vargas
SR 6
Preparing for Sustainability in the Workplace after Graduation Discussion of how students can create their own sustainable niche and prepare for life after graduating from FIT. Georgia Kalivas, Adjunct Associate Professor, Textile Development and Marketing
Deborah Payton-Jones, Volunteer Coordinator and Evening Supervisor, Department of Student Life
SR 8
FIT Green Roof Tour Measuring Green Roof Productivity Joseph Arcoleo, Director, Environmental Health and Safety


Great Hall, Room 1