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8:15 - 9:00 am

9 am
Dr. Joyce F. Brown
, President, FIT

9:15 am
Presidents Panel
FIT Sustainability Initiatives Update:
Grazyna Pilatowicz and Robert Vassalotti, the Sustainability Council Co-Chairs, FIT
Sandra Krasovec and Nomi Kleinman, the Sustainability Council Conference Committee, FIT
Rebecca Fraley-Corrado, Assist. VP Administration, FIT
Rick Meilan, P.E., LEED A.P., Kallen & Lemelson, LLP
Al Palmaccio, FIT Physical Plant Director, ABM

10 am
Keynote Panel
Local Water Issues
Arthur Kopelman, Distinguished Professor, FIT, Moderator
Kevin McAllister, Peconic Baykeeper
Adrienne Espositio, Executive Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Jeff Rumpf, Executive Director, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

Featured Speaker
Anne Doubilet, Photographer/Writer/Explorer, The Explorers Club
Pole to Pole: From the Ends of the Earth. The Arctiv, Papua New Guinea, The Antarctic.

12:30 pm
Lunch Break

1 pm
Keynote Speaker
Mark Dorfman, Biomimicry Guild
Nature's Myriad Water-Based Technologies
Living organisms have developed a sophisticated, wide-ranging set of technologies that utilize local resources and conditions. Whereas modern man has developed impressive materials and technologies that are oil-based, nature provides an encyclopedia of water-based strategies that could inspire new, sustainable technologies. This presentation will describe natural examples that are sure to spur creative ideas.

2 pm
Keynote Speaker
Joshua Onysko, founder and CEO of Pangea Organics
Purity Starts with Purpose:
The earth's most valuable resource is water, without it, there would be no life on earth, yet everyday we are making choices that continue to compromise its purity. What can we do? How can we do it?

3 pm
Featured Speaker
Dr. Martin P. Schreibman, AREAC, Brooklyn College
Sustainable Food Production in Closed, Water Reuse System
Dr. Martin P. Schreibman will discuss novel methods using recirculating aqua (water reuse) systems to produce food sustainably and responsibly. Hydroponics, aquaponics and intensive aquaculture methods will be discussed and compared.

4 pm
Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Water Water Everywhere, Nor Any a Drop To Drink
Thirsty? Whether its bottled, tap, sparkling, still, filtered, distilled, or spring, less than 1% of the water on our liquid planet is drinkable. This presentation deals with drinking water, it's importance and its effects on the environment.
Michael Cokkinos, Associate Professor, FIT

Waste for Life - Buenos Aires: A Case Study
Eric Feinblatt, Waste for Life
Implicit to any notion of civic justice is equal access to resources. Waste for Life provides access to sophisticated technology and scientific knowledge to people on society's margins who are normally excluded from such access. We work primarily with garbage scavengers to introduce a manufacturing-from-recyclables or upcycling stream to their collection, sorting, and selling activities. Our work is based on years of research into producing fiber-reinforced composites from waste materials and is supported by an international network of scientists, engineers, architects, designers, and local communities working together to develop and disseminate poverty-reducing solutions to specific environmental problems.

Our Common Waters
This year, Patagonia's environmental campaign, Our Common Waters, spotlights the need to balance human water consumption with that of animals and plants.
David Hopkins, Environmental Coordinator, Patagonia Upper West Side

Really? Whales, Seals and Sea Turtles in NY's Waters?
Dr. Kopelman will present a photographic overview of the array of marine mammals and sea turtles found in the waters within 125 nautical miles of FIT.
Arthur Kopelman, Distinguished Professor, FIT

Sustainability Curriculum Renovation Think Tank
In order to be prepared for the marketplace of the future, students must be equipped with the science needed to design and/or market green and sustainable products. In 2010, Karen Pearson and Elaine Maldonado were awarded a two-year National Science Foundation grant (TECH-FIT) and one-year FIT Sustainability Council grant (Teaching Sustainability: A Cross-disciplinary Outreach) to develop teaching modules and expand the FIT faculty conversation on sustainability in the curriculum. This session will highlight the findings and achievements of the projects to date, and provide a forum for a faculty think tank on curricular and programmatic possibilities for the future.
Karen Pearson, Associate Professor, FIT
Elaine Maldonado, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching, FIT

Alabama Chanin and Sustainability
Alabama Chanin is one of the truly innovation sustainable fashion designers working in the United States today. Come to this presentation that documents my journey to her workshop and experiences learning her techniques and philosophy of sustainable design.
Sandra Markus,Associate Professor Fashion Design Department, Menswear Coordinator

FIT Goodman Center - Green Roof Tours
An informative session and a visit to the first section of the FIT green roof installed last year on the Goodman Center.
Grazyna Pilatowicz, Assistant Professor, FIT

4:45 pm
Featured Speaker
Michael L. Marrella, AICP
Project Director, Comprehensive Waterfront Plan
NYC Department of City Planning
Waterfront and Open Space Division