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Academic Programs and Certificates

Minor in Ethics and Sustainability

The undergraduate minor in Ethics and Sustainability draws on the expertise and critical thinking of faculty across the campus in all three schools. Minoring in Ethics and Sustainability provides students with knowledge and tools to understand and critically assess environments, materials, economics, aesthetics, philosophical concepts, social responsibility, and the impact of actions. The minor is designed to facilitate understanding of the interrelatedness of topics, information, and applications related to ethics and sustainability.

Credit Certificate

Sustainable Packaging Design incorporates the triple bottom line, supporting practices that are environmentally, socially, and economically sound. The course prepares packaging design professionals to lead and oversee these initiatives in organizations including design firms, consumer packaged-goods companies, and developers of packaging materials and technologies for manufacturing. The program is for professionals working in the industry who want to expand their expertise and employment opportunities.

Noncredit Certificate

Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs gives design entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools, and access to resources they need to build a viable business based on sustainable design practices.