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Call for New Members

Faculty and Staff

The President’s Sustainability Council is currently seeking new faculty and/or staff members for a three-year term beginning fall 2019. Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, along with your Curriculum Vitae, resume, or brief professional biography to the co-chair of the Council: Karen Pearson at [email protected]

In your letter of interest, please include your credentials pertaining to sustainability and a few ideas for Council activities and campus initiatives focused on sustainability.

Please note that to be considered, you must be available for Council meetings on Wednesdays, noon - 1pm, every other week during each semester. Additionally, all Council members are expected to be engaged members and take initiative on a variety of Council projects. New members will be expected to actively participate in existing programs as well as propose new projects.

Please direct any questions that you may have to: [email protected] .


The President's Sustainability Council is currently seeking new student members for a one-to-three year term depending on class rank. The term will begin in Fall 2019.

The Council typically meets every other week at noon on Wednesdays during each semester.  The Council coordinates the annual Sustainable Business and Design Conference and manages and awards a $15,000 Grant-Fund, communicates to the community, helps to foster new initiatives, maintains a website, and sponsors other campus-wide events.

To be considered, interested candidates should send a letter of interest, along with a brief personal bio, via e-mail to [email protected] by Monday, September 16, 2019.

Please include in your letter of interest:

  1. a) any background pertaining to sustainability
  2. b) how you currently advocate for sustainability
  3. c) describe your potential for engagement on the Council (being an active member)
  4. d) include a few ideas you may have for the Council's future or for new campus initiatives in sustainability

Please direct any questions that you may have to: [email protected] .