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Travel and Reimbursement

Policy No. FI002

Policy Statement

FIT's policy is to pay for necessary and reasonable travel and business expenses actually incurred for authorized college travel and business by employees.

Reason for the Policy

The intent of this policy is to ascertain that authorized business and travel expenses be fair and equitable to the employee and the college and consistent with federal regulations. Individuals traveling on business or conducting college-related business are responsible for complying with the college travel and reimbursement policy, and should exercise care in incurring expenses. Expenses should be submitted in a timely manner.

Entities Affected by this Policy

This policy applies to employees traveling on authorized FIT business and/or conducting authorized FIT business.

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator(s): Vice President for Finance and Administration; Vice President for Human Resource Management and Labor Relations
  • Responsible Office(s): Finance and Administration; Human Resource Management and Labor Relations
  • Dates: Revised January 2013
  • Contact: Human Resource Management and Labor Relations; Finance and Administration

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FI002, Travel and Reimbursement (.pdf)
This PDF document is the official version of this policy.