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Policy Advisory Group

The Policy Advisory Group (PAG) consists of cross-divisional representatives appointed by the President to guide the development of new policies, as well as the revision or deletion of existing policies. The PAG members each review policy drafts through the lens of their respective divisions in order to create a comprehensive view of the policy's impact on the entire institution.  The PAG will offer feedback to facilitate the development of the policy before advancing it for executive level review and approval, and will review the final policy draft to see that all concerns have been addressed.                                                                          

Griselda Gonzalez, Chair
Director of Policy and Compliance
Office of Policy and Compliance 

Sidney Alfonso Grimes, Jr.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Operations
Office of Academic Affairs

Loretta Lawrence Keane
Vice President for Communications and External Relations
Office of Communications and External Relations

Philips McCarty
Vice President for Advancement
Office of Development and Alumni Relations

Dr. Shadia Sachedina
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success
Dean of Students
Office of Enrollment Management and Student Success

Sherry F. Brabham
Treasurer and Vice President for Finance and Administration
Office of Finance and Administration 

Stephen Tuttle, Esq.
General Counsel and Secretary of the College
Office of the General Counsel and Secretary of the College

Eric Odin
Acting Vice President for Human Resources Management and Labor Relations
Office of Human Resources Management and Labor Relations

Greg Fittinghoff
Acting Vice President for Information Technology/CIO
Office of Information Technology

Harold Lederman, CPA
Internal Auditor
Office of Internal Controls and Management Analysis

Dr. Ronald Milon
Chief Diversity Officer
Office of the President

Jennifer LoTurco
Deputy to the President
Office of the President