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All appointments scheduled through January 30, 2022 will take place online. The office on campus will be closed until January 31, 2022, and there will be no in-person appointments or in-person services available at the office until that time. 

Full details on all FIT operations can be found on the College’s Covid-19 Updates page

FIT-ABLE: Here For You

Wondering what accommodations are available? Find out everything you need to know.

FIT-able Services

Services Available

Learn more about how FIT-ABLE can help you thrive at FIT, from academic accommodation to assistive technology and more.

Register with FIT-able

Register with FIT-ABLE

Follow the instructions and let us know what you need. All information is kept private.

FIT-able documentation


If you are seeking accommodations, certain documentation must be provided to support the evidence of a disability and the need for accommodation.

FIT campus


It’s important for us to know which accommodations have worked for you in the past so we can best understand how to help.

Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society

Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society

Develop leadership skills, promote disability awareness, and mentor fellow students. It’s a great opportunity to get involved.

FIT-able staff


Need help with something? Meet our caring staff! We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

We’ll Make FIT Fit for You

Whether you are seeking help registering for accommodations or simply want to learn about your options, the Office of Disability Services (FIT-ABLE) is here for you.

FIT-ABLE ensures equal access for students with disabilities through accommodations that contribute to holistic learning and development.

Through thoughtful educational and residential programming, FIT-ABLE strives to enhance community awareness of disability issues to promote a deeper understanding of student needs. This allows everyone to thrive in an inclusive, engaging environment.

Students with disabilities who are admitted to FIT are eligible to benefit from the support services provided by FIT-ABLE for free. All communication is kept private.

Seeking Help? Let Us Know!

Keep in mind that accommodations from other schools (high school included) do not automatically transfer to FIT. If you would like accommodations, please contact us so we can work with you. We look forward to hearing from you! Registering with our office is not mandatory. You only need to register if you wish to have accommodations in your classes and on campus.

If you would like a sign language interpreter in order to meet with us, fill out the Interpreter Request Form. Or contact the FIT-ABLE office for this or any other accommodation.

Check Accommodations or Request Services

If you are a current student registered with FIT-ABLE or a faculty member, please click on the FIT-ABLE login button below to check accommodations or schedule an appointment or exam.

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Contact Us

Office of Disability Support Services (FIT-ABLE)

Dubinsky Student Center, Room A570
(212) 217-4090

Joseph Plutz

Monday-Friday, 8 am–5 pm