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Scribe Services

Students with either permanent or temporary disabilities may require scribe services for participation in course work and in events and activities on campus.

The Office of Disability Services determines the need for scribe services. Some of the indicators of the need for scribe services include but are not limited to:

  • visual impairments
  • physical/dexterity impairments
  • significant learning disabilities where written expression is greatly impacted

Training onassistive technology is available for students requiring scribe services, and if not possible, human scribes are assigned as requested.


  1. Any student seeking scribe services should meet with the FIT-ABLE Staff  who will discuss the nature of the impact of writing and access. With this meeting, disclosed written documentation verifying the extent of the significance of writing for the student should be provided.
  2. Students requesting human scribes must note that there are strict measures of testing security in check at all times. The scribe only serves to take down the information being relayed by the student and in no way provides corrections, editorial commentary or changes of grammar, spelling, or content for the student.
  3. During exam administration, if a student is using a computer for scribe services, if requested by the instructor, all internet access will be cut from the computer in use.