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Registration Assistance

Many FIT majors offer block scheduling of course requirements, with behind-the-scenes block registration occurring prior to a student's presence for classes in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students may checkMyFIT to obtain this information prior to coming to campus for the first time once such information is online. Students are encouraged to review their curriculum page within the FIT catalog which outlines requirements, related courses, and liberal arts SUNY/Gen-Ed requirements/options.

If a student, based upon their disability, requires an adjustment to his/her schedule, they should:

  • Initiate contact with the Office of Disability Services
  • Print a copy of theirDARS from their secure on-line site
  • Bring a copy of their DARS, their block schedule, and their department's recommendations with them to their meeting with the Coordinator, Disability Services or the Coordinator, Learning Disabilities

Services provided:

  • General advisement and counseling is provided the student taking into consideration the student's abilities and limitations related to the impact of disability
  • Advocate for changes in scheduling after consultation with the major department chairperson, the Registrars, and, if applicable, the dean of liberal arts
  • Counsel student about programmatic changes as they relate to CAS, financial aid, on-campus housing eligibility, and health insurance coverage
  • Work with student to design program options to correlate with program requirements, and review time management actions with student