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Note-Taking Services

FIT-ABLE students with disabilities that significantly interfere with the ability to take notes in class are eligible to request note taking services which are administered through our office. A students comprehensive documentation of disability in conjunction with the information obtained during a students initial intake with the coordinator, disability services, will help to determine the type of note taking service for each student.

Types of Note-Taking Services

FIT-ABLE can provide the following types of note-taking services. Advance notice for any of these services is required by the Office of Disability Services.

Peer Note Takers

A peer note taker is a student in the class who provides copies of handwritten or typed notes. Peer note takers are typically secured within the first two to three weeks at the beginning of a semester, allowing for Add/Drop changes in either the peer note takers schedule, as well as the student requesting this service, who may also make changes during Add/Drop to their own schedule.

A peer note takers guide has been prepared to provide to each instructor when requesting peer note taker services. This sheet will be given to the instructor, along with the letter of reasonable accommodation, both to be discussed in private with the student articulating the need and process.

C-print, CART, Typewell

Arrangements for agency note taking services (C-print, CART, Typewell) should be made early, preferably the semester prior, or as soon as you have registered for the upcoming semester. Syllabi, class location, and other outreach to faculty may need to occur before the class begins. Class size is limited at FIT and each of these services involves an additional person now in the classroom. Logistics for the inclusion of this change should involve discussion with your instructors.

There is presently only one agency offering C-print services in this area. C-print was designed by the Northeast Technical Institute for the Deaf and has been offered at FIT for students who are deaf and hard of hearing, and for students with significant learning disabilities. Notes, upon completion in the classroom, involve editing time at a secure location. Notes can usually be provided to the student via email within 24 to 48 hours. A copy of these same notes is sent to the coordinator of disability services by email. A library of notes is maintained for one semester to assist students where there may be lapse of time in securing services, as available.

Evaluating Notes Taken

Students requesting note-taking services should check periodically to ensure their notes accurately reflect course content. The class instructor identifies students they determine to be a good note taker and the instructor would be able to best evaluate if the students notes are on target with the lectures.

Note taking services are not meant to be in lieu of attendance. Students missing class must first make direct contact with the professor of the missed class and explain their lack of attendance with the instructor. In order to receive any notes where absence has occurred, the student must bring a written note, or email from the professor stating that the release of notes should occur.

How to Request Note-Taking Services

  1. Requesting peer noting services begins with an initial discussion with the coordinator of disability services.
  2. The coordinator will review your class schedule, the pedagogy for each, your disability documentation, and have a discussion with you related to the impact of your disability and the amount and type of note taking to be expected in each class.
  3. The Office of Disability Services, upon receiving a valid evaluation from the student receiving note taker services and who is now seeking a new note taker or otherwise change in service provider, will make immediate contact with the instructor for the course, if a peer note taker is involved, or the agency for C-print, CART, or Typewell. Every effort will be made to provide students assisted by note taking services, or any other academic accommodation, the ability to have equitable access to their courses and materials.

Online courses and courses where either Blackboard or Angel are used may limit the need, in many cases, for note taking services because the instructor typically posts notes online.

It is important for each student requesting note taking services to become familiar with terms such as verbatim, bullet point, outline, full transcript, edited version, to best articulate the type of note taking services they are seeking.