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Assistive Technology

What was once thought of as disability-specific software and technology, has been recognized by many as simply tools to make life happen. Understanding that an eraser is important to a pencil will help you in your writing, doing math problems, and drawing. And, pencils are technically where assistive technology had its beginnings. Much has progressed, as were certain you are aware, and being connected through technology can connect you to learning.

Students receive training, upon request, individually, and in small groups, so abilities are put to test, and not disabilities. Our lab houses the latest in text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and software available throughout the colleges computer labs. We have the following available, and some on loan, with appropriate training, for your academic use:

  • Kurzweil 3000 (text-to-speech software) w/scanners
  • Premier Accessibility Suite (text-to-speech software) w/scanners
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition software)
  • Inspiration (mapping & webbing software for writing assistance)
  • CCTV for individuals with low vision
  • Flipper port magnifier
  • Franklin Speller/Dictionary, and a few with phonetic word finding
  • Large button calculators
  • Digital recorders
  • Wireless keyboards
  • Wireless Logitech mouse
  • Personal FM systems
  • Speaking metal tape measures
  • Color-coded sewing pins/markers
  • Sized grommet tape measures
  • Cassette recorders
  • DAISY format CD players
The Colleges ICC (Instructional Computing Center) maintains responsibility for refreshing our labs computers and software. Our lab houses 3 PCs and 3 MACs. All stations are height adjustable. Ergonomically adjustable chairs are available.