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Every student seeking accommodations in classes and/or for accommodations on campus must provide our office with comprehensive and current documentation to verify disability. Please click on the link, or links, below and share this with your doctor, your high school counselors, or other clinicians so that we have the documentation that's right for you.

Your documentation provides a guide for us as we determine, with you, what is necessary and reasonable for your studies and participation. All records received about your disability are maintained in locked files in the Office of Disability Services. No records are shared with other offices at the College unless you give us your written permission to do so. Information provided to us about your disability does not become a part of your academic transcript. We are not permitted to share that you have a disability with any present or future employer.

A diagnosis alone (e.g., HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) does not identify a disability. IEPs and 504 plans alone are not acceptable forms of documentation. Prior to a student graduating from high school, it is recommended that a comprehensive psychological, educational, and social evaluation be conducted to assist a student with a smooth transition into college.

We require evaluations and/or documentation within the most recent three years prior to a student attending the college. We have the ability to work with each student for a provisional one semester while a diagnosis is in process.

We can provide referral sites so that a student can obtain testing to assist us. These evaluations beyond the high school level are at the familys expense. (Office of Civil Rights Booklet) Students should also check with their home states vocational rehabilitation agency, and with V.E.S.I.D. for New York residents.  These agencies may be able to provide you with an evaluation.

All documentation must be on official letterhead.  Prescription pads are not accepted.  The disability must be identified.

If you have questions about these documentation guidelines, please contact the Office of Disability Services ( Please mail, fax, email or hand deliver documents to:

Mail:              Office of Disability Support Services
                        Room A570
                        Fashion Institute of Technology
                        227 W. 27th Street
                        New York, NY 10001
Phone:            (212) 217-4090
Fax:                (212) 217-4091
Hand Deliver: Room A570