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The student is solely responsible for providing all diagnostic information to sufficiently support the existence of any disability and the need for reasonable accommodation.  In certain instances, however, FIT-ABLE may request that a student provide authorization for FIT to directly contact and receive information from the student’s qualified professional.

Documentation must be provided by a non-FIT related qualified professional in the related field of disability, most often a physician, educational diagnostician, learning disability specialist, or mental health professional. Qualified professionals are licensed or otherwise properly credentialed and possess expertise in the disability for which modifications or accommodations are sought.  The qualified professional must have a legitimate provider/patient relationship with the individual and generally may not be a relative of the individual requesting the accommodation.

Use the links below to review documentation guidelines. If you have questions about these documentation guidelines, please contact the Office of Disability Services ([email protected]), 212-217-4090. 

 Once you have reviewed the guidelines please submit the appropriate required documentation, which may include:

1. A psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation accompanied by an IEP/504, or other learning disabilities report.

2. A completed Student Release of Academic Information Form (.pdf) authorizing health care professionals identified by you (physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.) to provide information to FIT-ABLE to support the request for academic accommodations, and authorizing FIT-ABLE to seek the information from the identified professionals, and a Medical Information for Academic Accommodations Form (.doc)  completed by your provider(s).


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Phone:            (212) 217-4090
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