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Calculator Usage

Eligible students with disabilities will be provided an equal opportunity to learn with the educational support and use of auxiliary aid of a four-function basic calculator in developmental math courses for in-class work and/or on exams.

Requesting Calculator Usage

  1. The student must request this accommodation to the Office of Disability Services.
  2. The student must provide current documentation to the Office of Disability Services to support the need for this particular accommodation. The documentation must state specifically the processing disorder relative to mathematics learning.
  3. After review of the student's request and supporting documentation, if determined reasonable, the student will be provided with a letter to provide to the instructor of the developmental math class.
  4. For students requiring calculator usage during exams, those exams must be scheduled with the Office of Disability Services at least one week in advance. An Exam Administration form (available in the FIT-ABLE office) must be completed, which includes calculator usage along with any other reasonable accommodation for exam administration.