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Portfolio Requirements

NOTE: This is a summary of portfolio requirements. You must download complete portfolio requirements and instructions from the FIT Admissions Office in order to complete and submit your portfolio. 

Portfolio submissions for Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design consist of: a design test, a portfolio of original work, written essays and a portfolio cover page. We want to understand your creative process in both written and visual components. 

PART ONE:  Design Test

The Design Test is a very important part of the total portfolio evaluation. We request that you put thought and effort into the concept, design, and execution of these projects. We are looking for you to use a variety of visual expressions to communicate your ideas and concepts. As part of the design test for Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design, you will be asked to create a store design, a window design, OR a gallery installation.

PART TWO:  Your Original Artwork

As part of the requirements for admission to Art and Design majors, applicants must submit original work for evaluation by the FIT faculty. Applicants to the Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design AAS program are expected to submit a competitive selection of original artwork. Work submitted need not relate specifically to Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design, but should demonstrate your overall artistic ability, creativity, design sense and sensitivity to color, line, and proportion.

PART THREE: Written Essays

You will be required to provide a series of short essays (250 words or less). Please respond thoughtfully and note that your answers do not replace the essay/academic history that you are required to submit as part of your FIT/SUNY application.