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College Level Examination Program

The CollegeBoard’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) allows students from a wide range of backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material and earn college credit. At FIT, students will earn credit for what they already know by getting qualifying scores that meet or exceed the equivalent of a C grade. Official transcripts are required for transfer credit evaluation.

To register for the CLEP exam and find a test center, go to the CollegeBoard website https://clep.collegeboard.org

The equivalencies below are subject to revision.

 Name of Exam                        FIT Equivalent     FIT General Education 


Principles of Marketing AC114 --Not Applicable--

Composition & Literature

American Literature      EN232, EN030         G7 Humanities      
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature    EN030, EN010     G7 Humanities
College Composition           EN121, EN020   G1 Basic Communication
English Literature     EN236, EN030 G7 Humanities 
Humanities HU010, HU020 G7 Humanities

History & Social Sciences

American Government    SS251  G10 American History 
History of the United States I HI020 G10 American History 
History of the United States II HI202   G10 American History  
Human Growth and Development SS232 G4 Social Sciences
Introduction to Educational Psychology  SS030 G4 Social Sciences   
Introductory Psychology     SS131    G4 Social Sciences 
Introductory Sociology   SS171   G4 Social Sciences 
Principles of Macroeconomics   SS141  G4 Social Sciences 
Principles of Microeconomics SS242  G4 Social Sciences 
Social Sciences and History  SS010, HI000 G4 Social Sciences 
Western Civilization I HI030   G5 Western Civilization
Western Civilization II HI040     G5 Western Civilization


Calculus           MA331  G2 Math
College Algebra MA010 G2 Math 
College Mathematics MA161, MA020  G2 Math
Pre-Calculus   MA231 G2 Math


Biology        SC121, SC020  G3 Natural Sciences      
Chemistry     SC143, SC040   G3 Natural Sciences
Natural Sciences  SC010, SC020 G3 Natural Sciences 

 World Languages*

French Language, Level 1  FR111, FR112 *  G8 Foreign Language
French Language, Level 2  FR213, FR214 *  G8 Foreign Language
German Language, Level 1  MC010, MC020 *  G8 Foreign Language
German Language, Level 2  MC030, MC040*  G8 Foreign Language
Spanish Language, Level 1  SP111, SP112 *  G8 Foreign Language
Spanish Language, Level 2  SP213, SP214 *  G8 Foreign Language

* For each of the world languages, there is only one exam covering both Level 1 and 2 content. FIT will award a maximum 6 credits for mastery of Level 1 content (a score of 50) or a maximum of 6 credits for mastery of both Levels 1 and 2 (a score of 59 on French, 60 on German, and 63 on Spanish).