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Check Your Transfer Credits

Before registering, check your degree audit to review transfer credit awarded to your record.  To ensure that your transfer credits are applied to your FIT record make sure that all final, official transcripts have been sent to FIT. 

You will see any transfer credit awarded on your unofficial transcript and on your degree audit (DARS).  

To see transfer credits on your unofficial transcript:   

  •  Log in to MyFIT
  •  Under the Student Records & Student Accounts, click on Unofficial Student Transcript
  •  Any course granted as transfer credit will show with a T grade (transfer credit)

Transfer credits also appear on your degree audit.   A degree audit is a computer-based assessment that shows the progress you're making toward meeting your degree requirements. Any course granted as transfer credit will show a T grade in the appropriate place for the requirement.  

As an example, this is how transfer credit awarded for Science 245 appears on a DARS:

OK     Science Requirement
              FA15        SC245         3.0    T      CHEMISTRY OF THE EVERYDAY WRL


Courses transferred as electives which do not have an equivalent for your major at FIT, will be listed on your audit as TR courses.  

                    FA15       TR101       3.0     T       DIGITAL ELECTRONICS
                    SP16       TR102       3.0     T       ACCOUNTING

If you have questions about transfer credits or any information on the degree audit (DARS), contact the Registrar's Office in Feldman Center Room c158, or email [email protected].