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Registration Assignment Times

How Are Priority Registration Dates and Times Assigned?

Registration start dates and times for currently enrolled degree -seeking students are automatically assigned based on the number of credits you have completed (including transfer credits).

Students’ academic information is stored in a database. The database runs a process that evenly divides all currently registered degree students into a group, based on total number of completed credits. Completed, or "earned" credits, do not include courses "In-Progress".

Registration times are assigned at half-hour increments across five (5) business days from 9am - 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Assignment times are not the only time you may register--you may continue to make changes to your schedule through the add/drop period. Click here for the Academic Calendar and registration dates.

Can I Choose a Different Registration Start Time?

The Registrar’s Office will not change registration assignment times for any reason. The process is automated based on earned credit amounts. Moving a student to an earlier date/time would require the system to push students with more completed credits to later days/times, to keep to group max limits. This would be unfair, and against the rules of the automated process. Remember, the time assigned is not the only time you may register; it is just the first time you have access.

Are Transfer Credits Considered When Assigning Dates?

Yes, transfer credits are included in the total amount of credits each student completed/earned. 

Do Courses I'm Registered for This Semester Count as Credits "Completed"?

No. The total amount of completed credits only includes courses for which you have received final grades, not courses In-Progress. 

Your assigned priority registration date and time can be found in MyFIT by following the steps below.

Step 1. After a successful login to MyFIT, under Online Information System, select Registration

 select registration

Step 2.Select Check Your Registration Status

 registration status

Step 3.Select and  submit  a term from the drop-down menu

select term

If your student status permits registration (currently enrolled) and you do not have registration holds on your record, you will see your registration date and time.  Example:
registration time date