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FALL RETURN 2021:   Find details about FIT’s full return to campus for fall classes.

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Registration Instructions

  • Go to MyFIT at myfit.fitnyc.edu
    • Enter your FIT username: firstname_lastname
    • Enter your password. First time users should change the default password at first login, for security.
  • After successful log in, click Student (on left)
  • Under Online Resources (on left), click Registration from the list of popular shortcuts
  • Click the menu item entitled Look Up Classes to Add.
  • Select the semester from the drop-down menu that you want to register for, then Submit.
  • Select a subject and any other criteria you want to use.  
  • Once you've found a class, check the box to the left to select it.
  • Once you've checked the box, click Register at the bottom of the page.
  • Repeat the process for your entire schedule. 
  • View and print your schedule in list format by selecting Student Schedule Course by Course or calendar format by
    selecting Schedule by Day and Time, in the Registration menu of MyFIT.
  • To web drop a course, select WEB DROP under the Action drop-down menu, then Submit Changes at bottom of page.

Additional Information:

  • Use Class Search for information about the course including restrictions, pre-requisites, waitlists, and more.
  • Use advanced search option in Class Search to find courses by general education category and by minor.
  • Click here for a guide to understanding common registration error messages
  • Class Schedule day abbreviations: Monday - M  | Tuesday - T | Wednesday - W | Thursday - R  | Friday - F | Saturday - S | Sunday - U
  • There are no classes scheduled Tuesday & Thursday from 1pm - 2pm.  This Common Hour has been set aside for Student Life activities.
  • Self-service registration terminals are available in the Registrar's Office in Feldman Center Room C158 during office hours.
  • Web registration and MyFIT is not available from 2:00am  - 3:00am Eastern Time. 
  • You will need to show your class schedule to Public Safety officers during Orientation and the first week of classes to verify your enrollment, and receive/renew student ID card.
  • Classroom Locator: Begins with A - Dubinsky | B - Business & Liberal Arts | C - Feldman | D - Pomerantz  
                                                       E - Goodman | SF - Store Front  236 West 27th, Ground Floor

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