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Prerequisite Required Error


prereq error

Department chairs require pre-requisites for some of their courses. What this means is either successful completion of lower level course(s) is required, and/or for English, Math & Science courses, placement is required.  Information about pre-requisites can be found on Class Search by clicking on the course name, course reference number (CRN) and section number.

This is an example of what Class Search will say on a course with Pre-Requisite(s):

                   INFORMATION SYSTM CASE ANALY - 24294 - MG 306 - 75A
                   Undergraduate level MG 153 Minimum Grade of D or Undergraduate level TT 173 Minimum Grade of D 

You will not be able to register for English, Math or Science unless you have submitted SAT or ACT scores, or taken the FIT placement exam, or received transfer credit in these areas.

Check your degree audit (DARS) for your English and Math placement status.  

Placement Tests