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Understand Your DARS

The degree audit (DARS) is designed to assist you with planning and tracking your progress toward graduation by comparing your academic record against the requirements for your degree.  Scan the column on the left side of the audit for notations. 

Below is a List of Each Notation and What it Means:

OK = requirement is complete
NO = requirement is not complete
IP = requirement is in-progress; no grade has been assigned and successful completion is presumed
+ [plus sign] = this part of the requirement (subgroup) is complete
- [minus sign] = this part of the requirement (subgroup) is not complete
+R = this part of the required SUNY general education area is complete
-R = this part of the required SUNY general education area is not complete
NEEDS = number of courses or credits missing to complete the requirement
SELECT FROM  = courses required to complete the requirement
RP = repeated course
>D = This does not mean a "D" grade has been assigned.  Before spring 2014, the original grade for this repeated course is calculated in the GPA.
F>  = Effective spring 2014, F> and WF> grades are assigned to original course and are not calculated in the GPA.
NOTE RM = message posted by the Registrar's Office
T = "T" grade; transfer credit has been awarded for this course
TR courses = courses transferred as electives which do not have an equivalent for your major at FIT
Courses taken in excess of degree requirements: Any course(s) listed under this heading at the end of your degree audit, do not fulfill any requirement towards your FIT major.  The course(s) are not required for the major you are currently enrolled in.

Each audit is only accurate as of the date and time it is generated. Changes, updates or corrections to either your degree requirements or your academic record (e.g., adding or dropping courses; grade changes; new transfer credit; adding a minor or changing majors, etc.) will change the results of the degree audit.

Requirements for the Associate Degree

To qualify for the Associate in Applied Science degree, candidates must be matriculated (officially admitted to degree status); satisfactorily complete the credit and course requirements prescribed for their majors, related areas, and general education; achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all work completed; and submit an application for graduation.  

Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree

  •  An earned AAS or equivalent  
  • 120 - 126 earned credits
  • 30 General Education credits
  • Bachelor of Science degree New York State guidelines: 60 credits in liberal arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Art degrees NASAD guidelines: 12 credit art/design history and 30 credits in liberal arts/general studies
  • Major area courses may need to be replaced with additional major area courses approved by the major department chairperson.
  • Liberal arts courses may need to be replaced with additional liberal arts elective courses.

Students in a bachelor's program may have to replace a course used in an AAS program.  The student does not repeat the course but has to replace it to meet the overall bachelor's graduation requirements.

Students admitted to a Bachelor of Science degree prior to Spring 2017 may have this indication about replacing courses.  In the example below, the student needs 1 more course (3 credits) in liberal arts to meet the 60 credit minimum for graduation.  The audit will read:

                          A. Course(s) below have been used to meet a previous
                           requirement and the credits must be replaced for BS:
                       1) Liberal arts credits must be replaced with liberal arts
                            elective credits (see Box B. below)
                        FA15  EN364           3.0             A              POETRY WRITING
 NO                    B. Additional liberal arts elective(s) needed to replace
                          liberal arts listed in Box A. above.
                         --      1)            NEEDS:                    1 COURSE
                            SELECT FROM: AB  CH  EN  FI  FR  HA  IT  JA
                                    MU  HI  MA  MC   PL  PO  SC  SP  SS

Applying for Graduation

After registering for your final semester, run your degree audit again to confirm you are registered for all degree requirements. The top of your audit should read:

At this time, you should apply for graduation/degree completion.  Click here for more information on applying for graduation.