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Request a Precollege Transcript or Letter of Verification/Participation

Transcript: Official or Unofficial?
You may request an official transcript from FIT by completing the online form. An official transcript will contain the college's raised seal and may only be mailed. (Please note that this process may take several weeks).

An unofficial transcript can be used to show that you participated in Precollege Programs and may be sufficient for the requestor's purposes. Please ask if this version will suffice. To obtain an unofficial transcript, go to your MyFIT account and follow the login instructions for grades found here. You may print this immediately from your computer.

Letter of Verification/Participation
This is typically requested of parents' employers, union benefit offices, or current schools to show that a child participated in our programs, usually for the purpose of reimbursement or to obtain extra curricular activity credit. To obtain a Letter of Verification, email precollegeprograms@fitnyc.edu with "Letter of Verification" in the subject line. Include the student's name, date of birth and terms the student was enrolled. This letter will be emailed back to you as a *.pdf attachment.

Letter of Recommendation
If you are applying to FIT, please note that we do not accept Letters of Recommendation as a part of the admissions process. Instead, simply share in your admissions essay that you participated in Precollege Programs and your Admission's Counselor will be prompted to review your Precollege transcript.

If you need a letter of recommendation for another institution, please email your professor directly at his or her FIT email address. A list of instructor email addresses may be found here. you will receive your letter directly from the instructor.