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Precollege Programs Instructor Contact Information

Instructor Email Website
Fiona Aboud-Singer [email protected]  
David Arcos [email protected]   
John Allen [email protected]                                     www.johnallenart.blogspot.com
Nancy Alusick [email protected]  
Krystle Ansari KRYSTLE_ANSARI@fitnyc.edu  
Veronica Apsan [email protected]  
Kathlin Argiro [email protected]  
Renee Azoulay [email protected]  
Karen Bachmann [email protected]  www.karenbachmanndesigns.com
Susan Baldwin [email protected]  
Renaldo Barnette [email protected]  
Deborah Beard [email protected]  
Elida Behar [email protected]  
Demetrio Belenky [email protected]  
Jennifer Bentivegna [email protected]  
Donna Berger [email protected]  
Dana Berkowitz [email protected]  
Caroline Berti [email protected]  
Haifa Bint-Kadi [email protected]  
Margaret Bishop [email protected]  
Virginia Bonofiglio [email protected]  
Laticha Brown [email protected]  
Neil Brownlee NEIL_BROWNLEE@fitnyc.edu  
Mary Capozzi [email protected]  
Anthony Capparelli [email protected]  
Shawn Carter [email protected]  
Meg Catapano [email protected]  
Alicia Cerrone [email protected]  
Lily Chen [email protected]  
Vincene Collura [email protected]  
Maureen Crilly [email protected]  
Stephen Cucci [email protected]  
Steven Cutting [email protected]  
Linda Daly [email protected]  
Carole Daner [email protected]  
Diane De'Angelis  [email protected]  
Gerard Dellova [email protected]  
Daniel Dematteo DANIEL_DEMATTEO@fitnyc.edu  
Diane DeMers [email protected]  
Joseph Denaro [email protected]  
Aurelie Desmas [email protected]  
Oasa DuVerney [email protected]  
Richard Elmer [email protected]  
Brian Emery [email protected]  
Heather Falconer [email protected]  
Blake Felty [email protected]  
Angela Finochio [email protected]   
Mark Gabriel [email protected]  
Joanne Galanos [email protected]  
Gabriella Galvan GABRIELLA_GALVAN@fitnyc.edu  
Michael Gambino [email protected]  
Wildajean Gardner [email protected]  
Catherine Geib [email protected]  
Charles George CHARLES_GEORGE@fitnyc.edu  
Janice Giardina [email protected]  
Ramon Gil RAMON_GIL@fitnyc.edu  
Sarah Gilbert [email protected]  
Darryl Glover [email protected]  
Barry Gold [email protected]  
Joseph Goldstein JOSEPH_GOLDSTEIN@fitnyc.edu  
John Goodwin [email protected]  
Mark Greiz  [email protected]  
Bernadette Grinley [email protected]  
Karen Groner [email protected]  
Leonid Gurevich [email protected]  
Radmila Gurkovsky RADMILA_GURKOVSKY@fitnyc.edu  
Jeannine Han [email protected]  
Cornelia Hediger [email protected] www.corneliahediger.com
Stanley Henry [email protected]  
Glen Hilario GLEN_HILARIO@fitnyc.edu  
Seth Hiler [email protected]  
Kiril Hristov [email protected]  
Bing Hu [email protected]  
Elizabeth Hunter [email protected]  
Amanda Ioco AMANDA_IOCO@fitnyc.edu  
Lucy Jensen  [email protected]  
Robert Jessel [email protected]  
Lisbeth Jimenez [email protected]  
Lynda Johnson [email protected]  
Rachel Kaminetzky [email protected]  
Stacey Karesh [email protected]  
Eileen Karp [email protected]  
Andrea Katz [email protected]  
Michael Kaye [email protected]  
Anna Kiper  [email protected]  
Jessica Kirkham [email protected]  
Nomi Kleinman [email protected]   
William Knowles [email protected]  
Kenneth Krug [email protected] www.kenkrug.com 
Su Ku [email protected]  
Mark Kurdziel [email protected] www.markkurdziel.com
Ray Lago [email protected]  
Sonja Lamut [email protected] www.sonjalamut.com 
Shannon Leddy [email protected]  
Dennis Lee [email protected]  
Jennifer Lee [email protected]  
Erin Lefevre [email protected]  
Suzanne Lettieri SUZANNE_LETTIERI@fitnyc.edu  
Jeanne Levinson [email protected]  
Michele Liebler [email protected]  
Sylvia Lin [email protected]   
Yueh-Ling Lin  [email protected]  
Carol Litt [email protected]  
Robin Litwinsky [email protected]   
Dik Liu [email protected] http://dikliu.com
Jared Long [email protected]   
Susanna Luckey [email protected]  
Den Ly [email protected]  
Megan Madden MEGAN_MADDEN@fitnyc.edu  
Miaquin Maddox MIA_MADDOX@fitnyc.edu  
Cathy Mallebranche [email protected]  
Charanor Marcano [email protected]  
Anthony Martino [email protected] www.anthonywmartino.com 
Shonagh Marshall [email protected]  
Lori Massaro [email protected]  
Susan (Sooo-z) Mastropietro [email protected]  
Stacy Mehrfar [email protected]  
David Merchan [email protected]  
Karen Middleton [email protected]  
Boris Minkovskij [email protected]  
Roza Mirakova [email protected]  
Alexandra Momin ALEXANDRA_MOMIN@fitnyc.edu  
Trina Morris [email protected]  
Susanna Moyer [email protected]  
Edward Murr [email protected]  
Gregory Nato [email protected]   
Kim Nelson [email protected]  
Laura Nemerson [email protected]  
Robert Norman [email protected]  
Alexa Nosal [email protected]  
Ellen Oster [email protected]   
Juliana Paciulli [email protected]  
Kate Pagliaro [email protected]  
Isaac Paris [email protected]  
Alexandra Parisse [email protected]  
Nick Parisse [email protected]  
Luz Pascal [email protected]  
Enrique Paz [email protected]  
Sophia Peer SOPHIA_PEER@fitnyc.edu  
Isolina Perez [email protected]  
Melissa Perilli  [email protected]  
Anthony Petrizzo [email protected]  
Suzanne Piazza [email protected]  
Sharon Pinckney [email protected]  
Karen Pritchett-Neuman [email protected]  
Kristy Puchko [email protected]  
Carla Quatraro-Darcy [email protected]  
Jacqueline Quinn JACQUELINE_QUINN@fitnyc.edu  
Eric Ramirez [email protected]   
Cristina Razzano [email protected] www.cristina-razzano.com 
James Reid [email protected] www.jamespatrickreid.com 
William Reinisch WILLIAM_REINISCH@fitnyc.edu  
Jean Marc Rejaud [email protected]  
Karen Rippy [email protected]  
Doreen Rivieccio [email protected]  
Frank Rocco [email protected]  
Lindsay Rodabaugh [email protected]  
Lester Rodriguez [email protected]  
Veronica Romano [email protected]  
Marcy Rosenblat [email protected]  
Jamie Ross [email protected]   
Mark Roussel [email protected]  
Benjamin Russell [email protected]  
Anne Rutter [email protected]  
Anthony Santuoso [email protected]   
Stephen Savage STEPHEN_SAVAGE@fitnyc.edu  
Theodore Schachter [email protected]  
Karen Scheetz [email protected]   
Ann Marie Sclafani [email protected]  
Yeliz Secerli [email protected]  
Barbara Seggio [email protected]  
Christopher Serluco [email protected]  
Sadia Seymour [email protected] www.sadiaseymour.com  
Muhammad Shahdat MUHAMMAD_SHAHDAT@fitnyc.edu  
Philip Shubin [email protected]  
Britta Siddell [email protected]  
Pacifico Silano [email protected]  
Daniel Silverstain [email protected]  
Fiona Singer FIONA_SINGER@fitnyc.edu  
Glenn Sokoli [email protected]  
Richard Spokowski [email protected]  
Joseph Staluppi JOSEPH[email protected]  
Melissa Starke [email protected]  
Steven Stipelman [email protected]  
Nilcen Stitt NILCEM_STITT@fitnyc.edu  
Sean Stockton SEAN_STOCKTON@fitnyc.edu  
Kathy Strack [email protected]  
Christine Stragazzi [email protected]  
Adam Straus [email protected]  
Sean Sullivan [email protected]  
Rena Sussman-Silverman [email protected]  
Tetsuo Tamanaha [email protected]  
Maria Tamara-DeSantis  [email protected]  
Clare Tattersall [email protected]  
Jully-Alma Taveras  [email protected]  
Jordan Tiberio [email protected]  
Joshua Tierney [email protected]  
Jill Topol [email protected]  
Nicole Truscinski

[email protected]

John Tulloch [email protected]  
Cynthia Underwood [email protected]   
Yvonne Urena [email protected]   
Christopher Uvenio [email protected]  
Leticia Valdez LETICIA_VALDEZ@fitnyc.edu  
Abby Verbosky [email protected] www.abbyverbosky.com
Marika Verploegh [email protected]  
Sandra Walcott SANDRA_WALCOTT  
Chad Wallace [email protected]  
Cindy Waters [email protected]  
James Webb [email protected]  
Michelle Wesen Bryant [email protected]  
Sue Willis [email protected]  
Curtis Willocks [email protected]  
Mary Wilson [email protected]   
Morgan Wisniewski [email protected]  
Gregg Woodcock [email protected]   
Gary Wolf [email protected]  
Marie Wright [email protected]  
Roubing Zhao [email protected]  
Jasmin Zorlu [email protected]   www.jasminzorlu.com
Josef Zutelgte [email protected]