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Precollege Program Details

Precollege Programs are offered in the fall, spring and summer terms. To view specific program dates and registration periods, visit our Precollege Calendar.

Opening Day

The first day of each program is referred to as Opening Day. To ensure your child has a smooth opening day, we strongly encourage families attend one of our New Student Orientation Sessions. 

If you’ve attended our programs before, no need to attend another New Student Orientation Session. Simply prepare all of the necessary items on the checklist below to avoid long lines at the entrance. Being prepared alleviates frustration, anxiety and confusion. Together, we can make this day exciting and fun!

OPENING DAY CHECKLIST for Live (10/11-day) and Workshop (4-day) Students

OPENING DAY CHECKLIST for Creative Careers (1-day) Students

New Student Orientation Sessions

This event provides an opportunity for families to explore our campus, meet our Precollege staff, review our guidelines and policies, and resolve any outstanding registration items. We strongly recommend families use this day as a “dress rehearsal.” Practice using public transportation, visit your classroom, meet new classmates, and explore our surrounding neighborhood. It’s always best to “know before you go,” and this is the ideal way to do just that! Students can also go through pre-check so there’s no need to wait for check-in on Opening Day.



More Information

Links to additional program details are on the left.  Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply email us at [email protected] for assistance.