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Spring Middle School Workshops

FIT's Precollege Workshops are fun, short programs that will introduce you to some of the unusual and creative topics that we specialize in at FIT. Now middle school students can participate in this exciting opportunity! Spend four days on our New York City campus learning a specific skill or technique, or explore the many different career opportunities our graduates have. You'll be both challenged and inspired by the new techniques you'll learn and insights you'll develop in just four days!


ELIGIBLE GRADES: Students in grades 7, 8 or 9 as of Spring 2019 are eligible for Spring MS Workshops. 
December 13, 2018- April 13, 2019.
LATE REGISTRATION: April 14-25, 2019    Please note you are eligible for a 75% refund during this period
PRICE (Spring MS Workshop):
One course (4 sessions) $150    Two courses (4 sessions) $285      More about prices, refund policy etc.
DATES and TIMES: Classes meet on Saturdays: April 27, May 4, 11, 18, 2019.  
"AM" classes meet 9:30 to 12:30.   "PM" classes meet 1:30 to 4:30.


Courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment. You will be notified by email if cancellations occur.
Instructor Contact List  *Please note: instructor assignments are subject to change


JSX 007: Basic Digital Photography: Landscapes and Cityscapes
Learn the basic techniques for making good photographs with a focus on environments. You’ll take photos indoors and out using your surroundings as subject. You will learn camera use and care, composition, exposure, types of lighting (natural vs. artificial), and basic lighting, camera care, and editing of digital files. JSX 007 Course Gallery
Section 55A      1:30-4:30pm         Instructor: Nick Parisse / Room: D509 (Pomerantz)    Supply Lists

JSX 013: Fashion Art: Faces and Figures
Fashion figures (called croquis) are unique to each designer. In this class you'll learn how to develop your very own fashion figures, complete with facial details to convey the right attitude for your designs. You will finally design a line of women's wear croquis wearing your original designs. JSX 013 Course Gallery
Section 55A      9:30-12:30pm        Instructor: Janice Giardina  /  C501 (Feldman)      Supply Lists     

JSX 027: Drawing Interior Design for Beginners
If you're interested in architecture, construction, interior design or retail design, technical drawing is an important skill to have. You'll learn the basics of drafting (using a T-Square and other drafting tools), how to create an elevation and a floor plan, how to draw in scale, and an introduction to drawing a 3-D object. Projects will be customized to your interests. JSX 027 Course Gallery      

Section 55A      9:30am - 12:30pm       Instructor: Joseph Goldstein / Room: D503 (Pomerantz)    Supply Lists
JSX 031: Basic Drawing Skills
This course will introduce you to general drawing principles and techniques. Observational drawing is introduced with a focus on line, contour, shading, composition and perspective. JSX 031 Course Gallery
Section 55A      1:30-4:30pm       Instructor: Ebony Bolt / Room: D625 (Pomerantz)      Supply Lists

JSX 036: Life Drawing for Middle School
If you're looking at art high schools, you know that many of them want to see a portfolio with samples of life drawings, observational drawings or a portrait. Well, we've got you covered! In this course you'll work from live, clothed models and learn how to draw what you see. Don't worry, we make the techniques easy and fun to learn. You'll focus on line, proportion, gesture and composition, and if you don't know what that means, well teach you that too! Perfect class for beginning artists. JSX 036 Course Gallery 
Section 55A      1:30-4:30pm       Instructor: Lindsey Francis / Room: D630 (Pomerantz)    Supply Lists