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Spring Middle School Workshops

FIT's Precollege Workshops are fun, short programs that will introduce you to some of the unusual and creative topics that we specialize in at FIT. Now middle school students can participate in this exciting opportunity! Spend four days on our New York City campus learning a specific skill or technique, or explore the many different career opportunities our graduates have. You'll be both challenged and inspired by the new techniques you'll learn and insights you'll develop in just four days!


ELIGIBLE GRADES: Students in grades 7, 8 or 9 as of Spring 2018 are eligible for Spring MS Workshops. 
December 6, 2017- April 13, 2018

PRICE (Spring MS Workshop):
One course (4 sessions) $136    Two courses (4 sessions) $257      More about prices, refund policy etc.
DATES and TIMES: Classes meet on Saturdays: April 28, May 5, 12, 19, 2018.  
"AM" classes meet 9:30 to 12:30.   "PM" classes meet 1:30 to 4:30.


Courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment. You will be notified by email if cancellations occur.
Instructor Contact List  *Please note: instructor assignments are subject to change


JSX 005: Introduction to Digital Photography
Learn how to use your digital camera like a professional! You'll learn how to work with: F/stops, shutter speeds, lighting accommodations, depth of field, white balance, and exposure settings. Perfect for students who are new to using digital cameras. This class will move you beyond simple "point-and-shoot" photography!
Section 55A      9:30-12:30pm       Abby Verbosky / Room: D405 (Pomerantz)          Supply Lists

JSX 007: Basic Digital Photography: Environmental and Street Photography
Learn the basic techniques for making good photographs with a focus on environments. You’ll take photos indoors and out using your surroundings as subject. You will learn camera use and care, composition, exposure, types of lighting (natural vs. artificial), and basic lighting, camera care, and editing of digital files.
Section 55A      1:30-4:30pm          Nicky Parisse / Room: D-509 (Pomerantz)    Supply Lists
JSX 011: Fashion Art: Silhouettes
Learn a wide variety of garment silhouettes (sleeves, skirts, necklines, pants, etc.) as you draw on fashion figures provided by the instructor. You'll then mix and match these womenswear silhouettes to create your own designs. Experienced students may also use their own fashion figures. JSX 011 Course Gallery
Section 55A      9:30-12:30pm        Janice Giardina / Room: D-506 (Pomerantz)     Supply Lists

JSX 012: Fashion Art: Rendering Fabrics
How do you draw wool so it looks like wool? What womenswear techniques are used to make a fabric look like taffeta, silk, lace, or whatever? In this course  you'll focus on illustrating the perfect fabrics for your designs. JSX 012 Course Gallery
Section 55A      1:30-4:30pm          Janice Giardina / Room: D-506 (Pomerantz)     Supply Lists 
JSX 025: Let's Create Comix
Focus on the basic building blocks of comic book storytelling: story, character design and page layout. Students will create written scenes, (or one will be provided for you) and go from thumbnails and character sketches to a penciled layout of a page, reviewing and critiquing the steps as they go along.  Students will explore the use of photo reference as a means of making fantasies look real. The class will discuss the student's creative ambitions and the importance of reading as a stimulant in the creative process. JSX 025 Course Gallery
Section 55A      1:30-4:30pm            James Webb / Room: D-503 (Pomerantz)      Supply Lists
JSX 031: Basic Drawing Skills
This course will introduce you to general drawing principles and techniques. Observational drawing is introduced with a focus on line, contour, shading, composition and perspective. JSX 031 Course Gallery
Section 55A     1:30-4:30pm           Britta Siddell / Room: D-625 (Pomerantz)      Supply Lists

JSX 035: Color Theory and Application
Delve into the world of color as you explore color-wheel mixing, color temperature, color harmonies, and color painting. You'll create a number of compositions with a focus on color, working abstractly and using texture and collaging to create final projects. JSX 035 Course Gallery
Section 55A      9:30-12:30am        Maria Luisa Tamara DeSantis / Room: D-517 (Pomerantz)        Supply Lists


JSX 040: Fashion Merchandising Trend-Spotting
Did you ever wonder how certain items become key fashion trends? During this class you will learn how fashion experts forecast upcoming trends. Students will photograph store windows that represent the upcoming womenswear season and learn how this information helps develop private labels for future seasons. You will also learn about major trend services which help forecast key colors, prints, fabrics, details, key items and accessories.  After these few weeks you'll be thinking about all the exciting career opportunities that are available in the fashion industry!
Section 55A      9:30-12:30pm        Jully-Alma Taveras / Room: B-734 (Business)   Supply Lists


JSX 045: Careers in Fashion Styling
Fashion Styling is a hot career right now, but what exactly does a Stylist do and what are the career options for someone who is passionate about fashion? Students will learn about personal styling, celebrity styling, and commercial and editorial styling as well as the skills needed to succeed in each area.  Learn how to shop and prep merchandise; style using color, shape and proportion; identify fashion trends and resources; and develop a personal aesthetic. Students will create individual and group projects throughout this workshop.
Section 55B      1:30-4:30pm           Darryl Glover / Room: D-514 (Pomerantz)     Supply Lists