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Spring High School Workshops

FIT's Precollege Workshops are fun, short programs designed to introduce you to some of the unusual and creative topics FIT specializes in. Spend four days on our New York City campus learning a specific skill or technique, or delve into one of the many career opportunities FIT prepares students for. Perfect for the student who wants the FIT experience but is limited on time, you'll be both challenged and inspired by how much you'll learn in just four days!


ELIGIBLE GRADES: Students in grades 9 thru 12 as of Spring 2019 are eligible for Spring HS Workshops.
REGISTRATION: December 13, 2018- April 13, 2019 
LATE REGISTRATION: April 14-25, 2019    Please note you are eligible for a 75% refund during this period

PRICE (Spring HS Workshop): One course: $270    Two courses: $525     More about prices, refund policy etc.
Saturdays, April  27, May 4, 11 and 18, 2019; from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (lunch: 12:30-1:30)
Sundays, April  28, May 5, 12 and 19, 2019; from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (lunch: 12:30-1:30)
Courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment. Students will be notified by email if cancellations occur.
Instructor Contact List  *Please note: instructor assignments are subject to change


HSX 021: Observational Drawing for Portfolios    
Observational drawing is the most important skill any artist can have. The ability to see three-dimensional objects and translate them into two-dimensional drawings takes practice, patience and good technique. Learn how to look at objects in a new way to create pencil sketches, contour drawings and simple perspective renderings for your art and design portfolio requirements. You'll work from still life and custom arrangements to satisfy your individual portfolio needs. (Perfect for students applying to Accessories Design, Communication Design, Fine Arts, Illustration, Interior Design, and Textile/Surface Design).   HSX 021 Course Gallery
Section 55A    SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM       Instructor: Anthony Santuoso / 
Room: D505 (Pomerantz)    Supply Lists

HSX 022: Portraits for Portfolios
Throughout history, the portrait has been a main focus of many great artists. The portrait provides a large amount of information about a person in addition to what the subject looks like. This important skill is required in many college portfolios and can be learned in just four sessions. At the end of this workshop, students will have an expressive self-portrait using traditional and experimental drawing materials. HSX 022 Course Gallery
Section 55B    SUN     9:30AM - 4:30PM    Instructor: James Reid /Room: D626 (Pomerantz)  

HSX 055: Exploring Interior Design
Delve into the world of interior design, where function meets fabulous! Learn how to use creative and technical solutions to design engaging spaces for home and commercial environments. Learn how color schemes, textures, materials, spatial planning, and lighting shape your vision while you develop floor plans, utilize color harmonies, source fabrics and furniture, and assemble sample client boards. Trips to showrooms and retail spaces will immerse you into the world of the interior designer. HSX 055 Course Gallery
Section 55B  SUN  9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor: Shannon Leddy / 
Room: D447 (Pomerantz)      Supply Lists

HSX 084: Designing a Fashion Mini-Collection
You'll learn how to develop your own concept and intended audience for a fashion mini-collection, which you will then illustrate on a sample croquis. A great introductory class for students who are required to develop a fashion line for portfolio submissions, you'll learn how to mix-and-match garments, fabrics, and colors to provide a variety of outfits using a limited number of pieces. Once you've developed and edited your final line, students are encouraged to further develop their own croquis and final renderings for portfolio submissions. HSX 084 Course Gallery
Section 55A  SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor:  Steven Cutting / Room: C711 (Feldman)          Supply Lists
Section 55B  SUN   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor: Susanna Moyer/ Room: C711 (Feldman)       Supply Lists

HSX 087: A Week in the Life of a Menswear Designer 
Spend four days with a seasoned menswear designer and fashion business owner to experience how a designer works, day to day, in New York City.  You'll discover many of the resources designers use to create their collections and manifest their vision into a reality. Students will create industry quality inspiration boards and fashion sketches inspired by the day's discoveries. You'll learn how to build a collection, from concept through final execution of your garment production. The tricks of the trade that you'll walk away with coupled with a journal of resources is an invaluable tool when considering a career in fashion!
Section 55A  SUN   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor:  Daniel Dematteo / Room: C502 (Feldman)   Supply Lists

HSX 088: Simply Sewing
With a few simple but flexible patterns, you'll learn how to sew and create wearable pieces with the most basic of skills. Learn to work on residential sewing machines that allow you to reproduce these easy-to-learn techniques at home. Based on student interest, projects may include soft tops, halters, pants, skirts, and simple dresses using patterns that you can evolve into new silhouettes and styles. Take home as many garments as you can finish in four days! This course is a great introduction to sewing, finishing, and fit. No experience required.
Section 55B   SUN  9:30AM - 4:30PM      Instructor: Karen Groner / Room: Room: C706 (Feldman)     Supply Lists

HSX 089: Introduction to Draping Using Half Scale 
Ease your way into fashion draping using easy-to-manage small scale mannequins (often used in couture and bridal design to save time and money). You'll learn the fundamentals of draping and flat patternmaking for the bodice and skirt, as well as unique design flourishes ie: ruffles, pleats, gathers and tucks.  Create stunning miniature looks that can be used for portfolio submissions or just to master three dimensional design. 
Section 55A   SUN  9:30AM - 4:30PM      Instructor: Michael Kaye / Room: Room: C702 (Feldman)   Supply Lists

HSX 095: Costume and Couture Rendering
Lots of Sequins. Feathers. Fur. Velvet. Taffeta. Plaid. And the list goes on...Learn how to design and render many fabrics and understand how fabrication on design comes to life. Students will learn the techniques of applying shadows and shadings and learn to render and understand women's wear costume and the characteristics of various of fabrics. Look to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood as some of your inspirations. HSX 095 Course Gallery
Section 55B  SUN   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor: Mary Capozzi / Room: C503 (Feldman)   Supply Lists

HSX 096: A Week in the Life of a Fashion Designer 
Spend a week with a designer to experience how a fashion designer works, day to day, in New York City.  Each day you'll visit the Garment District and discover all of the resources designers use to create their collections. Students will create inspiration boards and fashion sketches inspired by the day's discoveries. Explore fabric and trim sources, see the inner workings of a sample room and factory, and learn how a Collection is really produced. You'll walk away with a journal of resources and a body of knowledge that you can use throughout your fashion career.
Section 55A  SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor:  Kathlin Argiro / Room: B309 (Business & Liberal Arts)  Supply Lists

HSX 110: Photography Portrait Workshop
Develop the technical skills and the photographic strategy needed to create dynamic portraits. You will use a variety of lighting equipment, including tungsten [hot lights], on-camera electronic flash and strobe lights in a studio environment and will create portrait images in an outdoor location. The use and control of lighting techniques, white balance and color mixing to enhance a portrait will help you understand how to see and utilize the natural shape of facial features and character of models. Students may bring their own a digital SLR camera or borrow one from the school.   HSX 110 Course Gallery
Section 55A  SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor: Curtis Willocks / Room: D411 (Pomerantz)   Supply Lists

HSX 120: Fabulous World of Fashion Forecasting
What will consumers be wearing next year? What will be the hot new fashion styles and next season's "must haves"? Welcome to the exciting and ever-changing role of Fashion Forecasting! Learn the importance of fashion forecasting as research in designing and developing products from textiles, ready-to-wear, to accessories. You'll develop creative fashion forecasting presentations: seasonal color cards, silhouette/fabric trend boards, and multi-media presentations. You will also focus on the diversified career opportunities of fashion forecasting within the fashion industry. HSX 120 Course Gallery
Section 55B  SUN   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor: Gary Wolf Room: C410 (Feldman)       Supply Lists
HSX 121: Passion for Fashion Styling
Do you wonder what it takes to be a successful Fashion Stylist? Is it like what you see on TV? You're in luck! The answers to those questions and many more will be explored in this workshop. Working stylists will discuss the different areas of styling from fashion shoots to home fashion shoots. You will discover the various educational paths that can be taken to achieve your dream job. Learn fashion trends, resources and savvy business skills needed to be at the top of your game. Students will create individual and group projects during this workshop.   See more about fashion styling here...
Section 55A  SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor: Sadia Seymour & Nancy Alusick / Room: D446 (Pomerantz)      Supply Lists

HSX 123: A Week in the Life of a Merchant
Spend a week learning who merchandisers are and what they do. You will work together in teams to understand the most important concepts of this industry. You will "shop the stores, visit fashion companies and museums, and see who is wearing what on the streets. Class projects and field trips will help you develop an idea of a merchandiser's role in today's global fashion world. HSX 123 Course Gallery
Section 55A  SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor:  JullyAlma Taveras/ Room: B306 (Business & Liberal Arts)     Supply Lists

HSX 139: A Week in the Life of an Events Director
Spend four days with a Director of Events to learn about New York City’s innovative and competitive event industry. You’ll be exposed to the multi-faceted process of event conception and execution from start to finish, understand many of the roles and responsibilities an Events Director must assume in multiple industries and how to leverage social media to promote and market your event. Students will visit premiere event spaces in Manhattan, meet with and be inspired by fashion PR and event representatives and wedding planners. Students will leave this course with the ability to organize an event, create a timeline, source effectively, write invitation copy, understand how to style a space and manage an event budget.
Section 55A  SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor:  Meg Catapano
 / Room: B307 (Business & Liberal Arts)   Supply Lists

HSX 145: A Week in the Life of a Creative Director 
You'll spend four days with a Creative Director to learn how to develop and extend a brand through marketing and advertising. Learn how the director sets the creative standards and develops the vision for the product or services sold, manages various creative medium, and identifies the necessary members of the creative team to execute the vision. You'll learn how to develop a concept and successfully pitch it to a client; develop appropriate client ettiette; and how to manage your time to keep projects on-track.  
Section 55A  SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor:  Heather Falconer
 / Room: B508 (Business & Liberal Arts)  Supply Lists

HSX 190: A Week in the Life of a Beauty Entrepreneur 
You'll spend four days investigating the joys and challenges of entering the beauty business and what it will take to become a “beauty entrepreneur.” Learn all of the beauty categories and chemistry and art of designing for them, how to generate ideas for new products, how to identify suppliers and manufacturers, and how to get product to market. From trend spotting to product evaluation, to creating a business plan and understanding how to develop a "hero" product for the beauty consumer, students will be immersed in all things beauty business related.
Section 55A  SAT   9:30AM - 4:30PM     Instructor: Virginia Bonofiglio & William Reinisch / Room: C509 (Feldman)  Supply Lists