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High School Spring Live

Saturday Live courses are taught by FIT professionals who love what they do and love to share their experiences and talents even more! Discover the industries FIT serves while you experience FIT’s campus and community culture. Create competitive portfolio pieces, explore our majors, sample college life, and develop lasting friendships with classmates who share your passions.


ELIGIBLE GRADES: Students in grades 9 thru 12 as of of spring 2020
December 10, 2019-February 22, 2020.
PRICE: One Course: $460.00; Two Courses: $905.00       More about prices, refund policy etc.
Mandatory Orientation: February 22, 2020
Saturdays (February 29-May 9, 2019): AM classes: 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.;  PM classes: 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
No classes: April 11, 2019


For assistance, email: [email protected]

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COURSE LISTINGS AND TIMES (all courses run on Saturdays)


Advertising and Marketing Communications Department Offerings:
HAC 063 55A PM  Introduction to Advertising and Marketing Communications  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Fashion Business Management Department Offerings: 
HFM 060 55A AM  Fashion Forecasting  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HFM 064 55A PM  The Ins & Outs of Fashion Merchandising  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HFM 066 55A AM  Careers in Fashion Styling  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Production Management: Fashion and Related Industries Department Offerings: 
HMG 171 55A
AM Creating and Producing a Fashion Line   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA


Accessories Design Department Offerings:  
HLD 031 55A
PM Sneaker and Performance Footwear Design   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Fashion Design Department-Apparel Offerings:
  *NEW Classes Available!*
HAP 017 55A PM  Draping for Fashion Designers  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
NEW HAP 024 55A AM  Introduction to the Sewing Machine  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
NEW HAP 030 55A PM  Basic Sewing: Simple Dresses  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
NEW HAP 031 55A PM  Basic Sewing: Shorts and Pants   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
NEW HAP 032 55A AM  Basic Sewing: Urban Sportswear   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HAP 153 55A AM  Intermediate Sewing: Jean Jackets   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Fashion Design Department-Art Offerings:
HAR 016 55A AM  Introduction to Fashion Design Art   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HAR 016 55B PM  Introduction to Fashion Design Art   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HAR 087 55A* AM  Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques II  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

HAR 089 55A* AM  Fashion Design Portfolio III    Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Menswear Design Department Offerings: 
HMW 151 55A AM Introduction to Menswear Design   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HMW157 55A  PM Introduction to Menswear Sewing: Shirt   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Jewelry Department Offerings:   
HJD 019 55A AM Jewelry Design Studio (Beginner Level)  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Patternmaking Technology Department Offering:  
HPM 069 55A PM Level 1 Patternmaking and Sewing  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Textile/ Surface Design Department Offering:  
HTS 156 55A PM Experimental Screen Printing   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA-Coming Soon!


Animation, Interactive Media and Game Design Department Offerings: 
HGD 174 55A PM  2-D Animation (Beginner Level)  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Communication Design Pathways Department Offerings: *NEW Classes Available!*
NEW HAD 109 55A PM Digital Drawing  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HAD 155 55A AM Essentials of Graphic Design   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Fine Arts Department Offerings:
HFA 022 55A AM Drawing for Artists Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HFA 145 55A PM Design, Composition and Color Theory   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HFA 148 55A PM Fine Arts Portfolio  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Interior Design Department Offerings:*NEW Classes Available!*
HID 021 55A AM Introduction to Drawing for Interior Design   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
NEW HID 031 55A PM Portfolio Skills for Interior Designers   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Illustration Department Offerings:
HIL 012 55A AM  Drawing for Illustration   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HIL 163 55A PM  Anatomy for Artists  Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA

Photography Department Offerings:      
HPH 166 55A AM Darkroom Photography Techniques   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA
HPH 169 55A PM Digital Photography and Photoshop   Instructor: TBA/Room: TBA