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High School Spring Live

Saturday and Sunday Live courses are taught by FIT professionals who love what they do and love to share their experiences and talents even more! Discover the industries FIT serves while you experience FIT’s campus and community culture. Create competitive portfolio pieces, explore our majors, sample college life, and develop lasting friendships with classmates who share your passions.


ELIGIBLE GRADES: Students in grades 9 thru 12 as of of spring, 2019
December 13, 2018- February 23, 2019
Please note our online registration system will be unavailable January 18th-20th due to college-wide system upgrades. A fax Registration Form will be available during that time.
PRICE: One Course: $380* Two Courses: $745*      More about prices, refund policy etc.
DATES and TIMES:Saturdays (March 2- May 18, 2019): Morning (AM): 9:15am-12:30pm;  Afternoon(PM): 1:30pm-4:45pm; Sundays (March 3- May 19, 2019): Morning (AM): 10:00am-1:15pm  No classes (Spring recess): April 20 and April 21, 2019
Courses may be canceled due to low enrollment. You will be notified by email if cancellations occur.
Instructor Contact List   *Please note: instructor assignments are subject to change

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Advertising and Marketing Communications Department Offerings:HAC Supply Lists 
HAC 063 55A   SUN AM  Intro to Advertising and Marketing Communications Instructor: Lynda Johnson/ Room: C415A (Feldman)
HAC 066 55A   SUN AM  Digital and Interactive Marketing: Who’s Watching You? Instructor: Renee Azoulay/ Room: C309C (Feldman)
HAC 067 55A   SAT AM  Copywriting that Sells!    Instructor: Barry Gold / Room: B734 (Business & Liberal Arts)   

Fashion Business Management Department Offerings: HFM Supply Lists 
HFM 060 55C   SUN AM  Fashion Forecasting: Seeing into the Future    Instructor: Jill Topol /Room: B304 (Business & Liberal Arts)

HFM 064 55B   SAT PM  The Ins & Outs of Fashion Merchandising      Instructor: Suzanne Piazza / Room: B303 (Business & Liberal Arts)

HFM 065 55A   SAT AM  Product Development: Creativity and Business     Instructor: Christopher Serluco / Room: B304 (Business & Liberal Arts)


Fashion Design Department- Apparel Offerings:  HAP Supply Lists    
HAP 017 55A   SAT AM  Introduction to Draping for Fashion Design     Instructor: Barbara Seggio / Room: C702 (Feldman)
HAP 025 55A   SAT AM  Sewing for Fashion Designers (9 & 10 grades only)     Instructor: Bernadette Grinley / Room: C715 (Feldman)
HAP 026 55A   SAT AM  Sewing for Fashion Designers (11 & 12 grades only)      Instructor: Eileen Karp / Room: C813 (Feldman)
HAP 026 55C   SUN AM  Sewing for Fashion Designers (11 & 12 grades only)     Instructor: Karen Groner / Room: C813 (Feldman)
HAP 153 55A*   SAT AM  Intermediate Sewing and Embroidery Design      Instructor: Karen Middleton / Room: C706 (Feldman)
HAP 154 55A*   SAT AM  Agender Apparel Construction     Instructor: Michael Kaye / Room: C713 (Feldman)

Fashion Design Department- Art Offerings:HAR Supply Lists 
HAR 016 55A   SAT AM  Creating the Fashion Figure     Instructor: Kiril Hristov / Room: C705 (Feldman)
HAR 016 55B   SAT PM  Creating the Fashion Figure     Instructor: TBA / Room: C809 (Feldman)
HAR 016 55E   SUN AM  Creating the Fashion Figure     Instructor: Joanne Galanos / Room: C807 (Feldman)
HAR 087 55A*   SAT PM  Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques II     Instructor: Susanna Moyer / Room: C607 (Feldman)
HAR 089 55B*  SAT PM  Fashion Design Portfolio III     Instructor: Steven Cutting / Room: C705 (Feldman)

Fashion Design Department - Menswear Offerings:HMW Supply Lists 
HMW 151 55A   SAT AM  Introduction to Menswear Design      Instructor: Mary Wilson / Room: C415C (Feldman)
HMW 157 55A   SAT PM  Introduction to Menswear Sewing      Instructor: Daniel DeMatteo / Room: C604 (Feldman)

Textile/ Surface Design Department Offerings: HTS Supply lists
HTS 154 55B   SAT PM  Screenprinting T-Shirts     Instructor: Linda Daly / Room: A581 (Dubinsky)  


Communication Design Pathways Department Course Offerings: HAD Supply Lists  
HAD 101 55A   SUN AM  The Principles of Design     Instructor: TBA / Room: D522 (Pomerantz)  
HAD 149 55A   SAT PM  Advertising and Graphic Design Portfolio     Instructor: Stan Henry / Room: D510 (Pomerantz)

Fine Arts Department Offerings:HFA Supply Lists 
HFA 023 55B   SUN AM  Basic Observational Drawing     Instructor: Anthony Santuoso / Room: D625 (Pomerantz)
HFA 023 55C   SAT AM  Basic Observational Drawing     Instructor: Mark Kurdziel Room: D625 (Pomerantz)
HFA 024 55A   SAT PM  Basic Life Drawing    Instructor: Anthony Martino / Room: D617 (Pomerantz)
HFA 144 55A   SAT PM  Intermediate Drawing     Instructor: James Reid / Room: D627 (Pomerantz)
HFA 145 55B   SUN AM  Design/Composition/Color Theory     Instructor: Sue Willis / Room: D506 (Pomerantz)
HFA 148 55A   SAT AM  Fine Arts Portfolio      Instructor: TBA / Room: D626 (Pomerantz)

Interior Design Department Offerings:HID Supply Lists 
HID 021 55A   SAT AM  Intro to Technical Drawing and Spatial Planning (Level I)    Instructor: Julie Boynton / Room: D504 (Pomerantz)
HID 029 55A   SAT PM  Rendering Interior Spaces    Instructor: TBA / Room: D513 (Pomerantz)

Illustration Department Offerings:HIL Supply Lists 
HIL 012  55A   SAT AM  Drawing for Illustration      Instructor: Sonja Lamut / Room: D617 (Pomerantz)
HIL 163 55A   SAT PM  Anatomy for Artists    Instructor: TBA / Room: D616 (Pomerantz)

Photography Department Offerings: HPH Supply Lists
HPH 159 55C   SUN AM  Digital Camera Use & Photography for the Beginner     Instructor: Cornelia Hediger / Room: D403 (Pomerantz)
HPH 168 55A   SAT AM  Introduction to Traditional Darkroom & Digital Photography     Instructor: Cornelia Hediger / Room: D420 (Pomerantz)
HPH 169 55A   SAT PM  Fundamentals of Digital Photography and Photoshop     Instructor: Frank Rocco / Room: C232 (Feldman)