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High School Credit Courses

In  conjunction with FIT's School of Liberal Arts, select credit courses are offered to high school seniors. Each course bears liberal arts credits that can be transferred to most colleges and universities. These courses are designed to broaden the student's understanding of the humanities, strengthen critical thinking and communication skills, develop a knowledge of the natural and social sciences, and prepare students to function effectively in a culturally diverse world. 


ELIGIBILITY: Credit courses are open to current high school seniors

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Submit the following credentials with your registration form:

  • A recommendation letter form an academic teacher stating the student's academic strengths
  • A recommendation letter form the high school counselor or principal
  • A copy of their SAT Verbal/English scores (must be a composite score of 540 or higher)
  • A copy of their transcript showing a minimum 3.3 GPA

REGISTRATION FORM: High School Credit Non-degree Registration Form 

  • Students must mail or fax the registration form and all support documents listed below in order to enroll.
    Documents must be received between December 17 and January 22, 2019. 
  • Send all documents to:
    Fashion Institute of Technology
    Precollege Programs
    227 West 27th Street, Room SR10
    New York, NY 10001-5992
    Fax: 212 217.7964

PRICING AND RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS: To qualify for New York State tuition rates, students must have established legal residence in New York for a period of at least one year preceding the date of registration.

  • New York City (any of the five boroughs) residents must sign the statement of residence on the registration form and submit adequate documentation. The student's permanent address in their high school transcript is adequate documentation. If the address does not appear on the high school transcript, a parent's 2017 New York State Income Tax Return indicating that the student is claimed as a dependent is also acceptable.
  • New York State residents who do not reside in the five boroughs must also file a Certificate of Residence issued by the county in which they reside in order to be eligible for the resident tuition rate. It is mandatory that students submit the certificate in order to be eligible for the resident tuition rate.
  • Certificates of residence are issued by the County Administrative or Treasurer's Office, not by FIT. Be advised that different counties have different criteria and deadline dates for issuing the certificates. All questions should be addressed directly by the individual county offices.
  • The following documents are accepted as proof of residency: A current high school transcript reflecting a New York State address; OR a New York State driver license (or non-driver identification card) or motor vehicle registration; OR If your child does not have one of the documents listed above, parents may submit their 2017 tax return. Please submit only the page of the tax return showing the child's name as a dependent. You may block out any private financial information.

If you want to withdraw and have your tuition refunded, you must follow the official withdrawal procedure. Not attending class or stopping payment on a check is not considered an official withdrawal from the college and you will be responsible for all tuition liabilities. No refunds of tuition and fees paid to the college will be processed/permitted unless an official withdrawal form is submitted in the required time period to the Registrar's Office or online during the first week of classes. 

FIT strongly recommends using E-Refunds. You can set up your student account to automatically deposit refunds directly into your bank account. When you have a credit balance on your student account, you will receive your refund in three to ten days. 

SPRING 2019 COURSE OFFERINGS: Classes begin the week of January 28, 2019 and end the week of May 22, 2019

EN 121 — English Composition
3 credits; 3 lecture hours

This course encourages students' confidence, writing fluency, and the development of a competent writing self by focusing on the writing process. A number of forms are employed, including brainstorming, freewriting, journal writing, reading response journals, and formal essay writing. Classes are conducted as workshops, and both peers and instructor offer constructive feedback. (G1: Basic Communication)
Prerequisite or Co-requisite: college-level English proficiency as demonstrated by placement test or completion of appropriate ES course(s).

Crn Course Sec Title Day Time

HA 112 — History of Western Art and Civilization: Renaissance to the Modern Era
3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Presents the history of Western art and civilization from the early Renaissance to the modern era. Illustrated lectures explore painting, sculpture, and architecture in relation to pertinent religious, political, economic, and social conditions. (G5: Western Civilization; G7: Humanities).

Crn Course Sec Title Day Time

HA 214 — Art In New York
3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Selected studies in the history of art, utilizing resources available in New York City. Critical and historical investigations arise from direct study of art and architecture. (G6: Arts; G7: Humanities).

Crn Course Sec Title Day Time
9801 HA214 35B ART IN NEW YORK SAT 210PM- 500PM