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HS Photography and Related Media Course Descriptions

Photography encompasses both traditional and digital technologies. Explore a career as a photographic studio assistant, corporate or advertising photographer, or freelancer in fashion, illustration, and/or still-life photography.

HPH 159 Introduction to Digital Photography
Learn the mechanics of a digital camera and professional photographic techniques including F/stops, shutter speeds, lighting accommodations, depth of field, white balance, exposure settings, and the various types of digital files. This course is highly recommended if you have never taken a photography course before or simply use "point-and-shoot" settings in your camera. Gallery

HPH 166 Darkroom Photography Techniques
You will learn the basics of black and white commercial photography including camera operation, film exposure, processing, composition, studio set-up, basic lighting, and printing. You will also explore the art of visual communication and ways to use photography as a fine art design element. You will deepen the creative aspects of your camera work and develop portfolio-ready pieces. Students are encouraged to bring their own cameras but may borrow an FIT camera if needed.

HPH 167 Intermediate Darkroom Photography
Refine your film developing and darkroom-printing skills as you deepen the creative aspects of your camera work. In this course, you will also explore the art of visual communication and ways to use photography as a fine art design element. We recommend that you bring your own film camera. Estimated cost of supplies is $130.Gallery
*If you did not complete the above pre-requisites but would like to take this advanced course, please fax three examples of your self-developed photographs to 212 217.7964. Make sure to include your name, phone number, and the class you want to register for on all pages. Please note that this is an addition to the online registration, which has to be completed by all Precollege students.

HPH 168 Introduction to Darkroom and Digital Photography
In this introductory course, you will learn the basics of black and white commercial photography and how to communicate a variety of ideas using both traditional and digital techniques. Traditional darkroom and digital printing techniques will be covered. The pros and cons of each approach will be discussed, and you will begin to develop your own perspectives on lifestyle and fashion photography. Estimated cost of supplies is $130.  Gallery

HPH 169 Digital Photography and Photoshop
If you are ready to focus on studio and natural lighting, advanced camera techniques, and image sequencing, this course is for you. You will also cover the basics of Adobe Photoshop, including image processing, photo retouching, and collage. You must be comfortable with the digital camera and manual settings to join this class. Gallery

HPH 170 Introduction to Mobile Filmmaking
In this hands-on production class, students use camera and/or tablet apps and editing tools available on mobile devices to produce ready-to-post short videos and animations. Learn how professional filmmakers use mobile resources combined with short filmmaking techniques to create commercials, film festival entries, and social media content. This course is perfect for students who want to learn more about filmmaking while using accessible tools and having lots of fun!