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Portfolio Building Courses: Menswear Design, AAS

Precollege Programs highly recommends the courses listed below to create work for FIT's Menswear AAS admissions portfolio. Courses with an asterisk* are sponsored by the Menswear department. Other courses listed provide additional skills expected in portfolio submissions.

To purchase these courses, select the semester you wish to study by clicking here. Not every course is available each semester.

View the Portfolio Requirements posted by the Admissions Office here

*HAP 017 Fashion Design Techniques
*HAP 025 Sewing for Fashion Designers
*HAP 026 Sewing for Fashion Designers
*HAP 095 Introduction to the Fashion Design Industry
*HAP 153 Intermediate Sewing and Embroidery Design
*HAR 016 Fashion Art for Fashion Designers
*HAR 082 Junior Special Occasion
*HAR 087 Advanced Fashion Design Art Techniques
*HAR 089 Fashion Design Portfolio
*HAR 090 Model Drawing for Fashion Design
*HAR 091 Anatomy of Fashion
*HAR 092 Quick-Sketching Watercolor Techniques for Fashion Designers
*HAR 122 Designing for Entertainers
*HAR 123 Adobe Photoshop for Fashion Design-Art
*HAR 143 Urbanwear
*HMW 151 Introduction to Menswear Design
*HMW 157 55A Introduction to Menswear Sewing
HAC 069 Write to Captivate: the Public Relations Edge
HPM 067 Manual Patternmaking and Sewing
HPM 162 Computer Patternmaking: Tops and Skirts
HPM 167 Perfect Fit: Shorts and Pants that Fit
HSX 085 55A Fashion Design Journal (4 sessions)
HSX 090 55A Fashion Design Using Global Inspirations (4 sessions)
HSX 095 55A Costume and Couture Rendering (4 sessions)