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Portfolio Building Courses: Jewelry Design, AAS

Precollege Programs highly recommends the courses listed below to create work for FIT's Jewelry Design AAS admissions portfolio. Courses with an asterisk* are sponsored by the Jewelry Design department. Other courses listed provide additional skills expected in portfolio submissions.

To purchase these courses, select the semester you wish to study by clicking here. Not every course is available each semester.

View the Portfolio Requirements posted by the Admissions Office here


*HJD 019 55A Jewelry Design Studio
*HJD 032 Jewelry Design Workshop II
*HJD 110 Jewelry Design Portfolio
HFA 097 Basic Sculpture
HFA 145 Design/Composition/Color Theory
HFA 148 Fine Arts Portfolio
HIL 011 Sketch a Model: Fashion Illustration for Beginners
HLD 030 55A It's in the Bag
HTS 173 Designing with Pattern
HSX 010  Beaded and Wire-wrapped Jewelry Design   (4 sessions)