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HS Jewelry Design Course Offerings

Discover the artistry of jewelry making as you investigate a career as a designer, self-employed jeweler, or executive in fine and fashion jewelry manufacturing.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester

HJD 019 Jewelry Design Studio I
Work with enameling and metals, and learn to use a variety of jewelry-making tools in this intense studio class. Learn what the industry is really about as you create three-dimensional jewelry and develop your personal style. Gallery  See more Jewelry Design here...

HJD 032 Jewelry Design Studio II
Prerequisite: HJD 019
This course is an extension of the basic jewelry studio skill-sets introduced in course HJD019. In addition to expanding basic studio skills, you will learn wax carving, chasing and repousse, and basic silversmithing. A must for students interested in a career in jewelry design! Gallery  See more Jewelry Design here...