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HS Interior Design Course Descriptions

Create interior environments for homes, hotels, restaurants, banks, and hospitals. Investigate careers with design, architectural, and similar firms, or as freelance designers, drafters, and renderers.

HID 021: Introduction to Technical Drawing and Spatial Planning (Level 1)
Students will learn traditional technical drawing techniques using the tools of the trade (T-square, architectural scale ruler, triangles, templates, etc.) with a focus on interior spaces. Floor plans, elevations, furniture plans, and presentation techniques will be addressed as students create their own interior layouts. Gallery
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HID 029: Rendering Interior Spaces (Level 2: Pre-req HID 021 OR 027 OR 022)
Students will build upon their technical drawing techniques by rendering surfaces to illustrate textures and materials. Using colored pencils and markers, students will learn how to render soft surfaces (upholstery and drapes), hard surfaces (stone, wood marble, glass) and to give their work depth with shade and shadow. Students will also be introduced to observational sketching techniques used by interior designers. This class will bring your flat elevations and floor plans to life!  Gallery
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HID 030: Interior Design Studio (Level 3: Pre-req HID 021 and 029 OR HID 027)
Students will learn how the interior design process works from concept to client presentation. Students will create a project for a specific client to include a floor plan, elevations, colored renderings, as well as surface and furniture samples. Students will be introduced to the many resources available to the NYC designer and will source samples of their selections to be included on final client presentation boards. During the summer semester (only), students may take field trips to showrooms. See more about Interior Design on our collection board.