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HS Illustration Course Descriptions

Broaden your artistic skills as you investigate illustration careers with advertising agencies, publishing companies, design studios, and in-house graphics departments.

HIL 011 Sketch a Model: Fashion Illustration for Beginners
Imagine sketching a live model fashionably dressed from head to toe. This course will help you use basic media to explore your own approach to fashion illustration. Gallery

HIL 012 Drawing for Illustration
Get a feel for what it takes to become a professional illustrator while you improve your drawing skills, learn about materials and techniques, and build your portfolio. In this course, you'll draw from live models and still-life arrangements and work on specific projects such as magazine covers, posters, and book and editorial illustrations. Gallery

HIL 013 Introduction to the Illustration Process
Use your imagination and photographic references to create exciting and fun illustrations, while learning about the illustration process and methods used in the field. In this class, you will be encouraged to explore and to bring your own creative concepts to life, from initial thumbnail sketches to complete illustration projects. Gallery

HIL 015 Learn the Art of Comic Book Drawing
Do you dream of creating your own superhero comic or graphic novel? This course teaches you to use pencil and ink to develop your own comic-book style. You'll also get an overview of the industry and explore comic-art career options. Gallery

HIL 160 Illustration Rendering Techniques
Students learn to produce a range of colors and tones from a minimum of three primary colors to create paintings with lighting, harmony and depth as an introduction to realism. Mixing, matching and applying paint from reference brings real understanding of how colors work together. Students learn to create and use the color wheel, to recognize the arrangement of colors as well as the effect of complimentary colors. These color skills serve as the basics for all visual mediums and disciplines.

HIL 163 Anatomy  for Artists
This introductory course focuses on drawing the human body, skeleton, and related muscular systems. You'll use plaster casts, medical charts, videos, and direct model drawing to improve your skills. Please note: nude models may be used in this course.  For students interested in art and design, science, and pre-med college majors. Gallery