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HS Film and Media Course Descriptions

Film and Media at FIT offers students broad experience in digital film production and academic study allowing them to pursue any of a wide range of careers based on the moving image, from feature film, to documentary, television, advertising and industrial films, video art or becoming film critics and scholars.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester

HFI 001 Digital Short Film Basics

This practical, hands-on course will show you the basics of writing, budgeting, scheduling, prepping, shooting, editing and distributing a short film. Perfect for students who are curious about film, or who plan to use digital technology for creative presentations in college or for fun.

Precollege comments: Students will work in teams to create from conceptualization to distribution 1-minute films. Each team member will assume the critical roles required on a production team such as the director, producer, editors, etc... Students will also explore the business of the filmmaker and how to reach the desired audience.