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HS Communication Design Pathways Department Course Descriptions

Examine the ways that visual imagery persuades, educates, and informs us, and explore careers with advertising agencies, graphic and corporate communications firms, department stores, art studios, and publishing companies and in freelance graphic design.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester

HAD 101 The Principles of Design
It all starts somewhere! In order to succeed in majors such as Communication Design, Advertising, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, and Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design all students must know the Principles of Design. In this beginner course, you'll learn by executing a variety of fun projects that teach the principles of design composition and layout, color, texture, and typography. Learn about the different areas of study that require these skills and create sample projects that represent these disciplines. Gallery   See more Graphic Design here...

HAD 109 Drawing in Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is used in creating illustrations and logos for the commercial art industry. In this class, you'll learn the powerful drawing and type tools in Illustrator as you create your original artwork and graphics. You'll produce a collection of work to be used in portfolio submissions.

HAD 149 Advertising and Graphic Design Portfolio
Improve your art and design work so that it accurately represents your talent and discover what colleges are looking for in your portfolio. You'll develop your art and design sensibilities while creating new projects to strengthen your existing portfolio and learn how to incorporate more typography into your work so it is more graphic. This class will enable students to take their existing pieces and revise them so that they are targeted to the Advertising and Graphic Design college-level programs. This course also teaches you the best way to present an online portfolio. Students will learn scanning, basics, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as PDF file formats. Previous basic art experience required. Please bring samples of work to the first class session.
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HAD 150 Magazine Design
Produce your own original magazine using professional industry software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Emphasis is placed on creativity as you use your own photographs, artwork, poems and essays to express your point-of-view. Skills to be learned include layout design, image enhancement, scanning photographs, and manipulating typography. Your finished magazine may be used as a portfolio piece when applying to college. No previous computer experience needed.
Gallery    See more Graphic Design here...       

HAD 153 TV and Viral Video Ads
Many people go into the making of television commercials, internet commercials, and persuasive video shorts. Concepts for TV, viral videos and web videos are developed by an ad agency's creative team, who then hire a production company to film or tape the spot. You will go through the process of concept development, storyboard creation, completing pre-production books, and eventually shooting and editing your original video, simulating the actual production flow in the advertising industry.

HAD 154 Visual Storytelling
Did you ever want to create your own children's book? In this class, you'll create a sequence of designs using your own original stories to create a children's book. Emphasis is on composition, color, and drawing. Techniques learned can also be implemented for portfolio submissions in sequencing and non-verbal communications. This class is taught using Adobe Illustrator.
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HAD 155 Essentials of Graphic Design
Learn how to design with typography and other design elements to create your own signature graphics. You'll learn how to simplify your ideas and images to get the greatest visual impact. Designs can be used for graphics tees, hats, skateboards, pillows, phone cases, or anything else you can print on! Send your designs to a printing company to apply to a variety or merchandise, or promote your work through free artists' marketplaces to sell to the public. Follow-up with course HTS 154 introduction to Screenprinting to learn how to actually print merchandise yourself!   See more Graphic Design here...

HAD 156 The ABC's of Designing with Text
Typography gives words visible form. It is an essential component in advertising, logos, posters, packaging, websites and publications such as brochures, catalogs, magazines, and books. You will work on both hand-developed projects and digital layouts to create traditional and experimental typographical designs perfect for portfolio submissions. This course is a must for any serious design student considering a career in advertising, graphic design, packaging or visual merchandising. No prior computer experience required.
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HAD 157 Poster Art Today
Posters have made a big comeback, bringing art and message to the masses, but without a strong design and eye-catching graphic, the message goes nowhere. The best posters can represent civic anarchy or are works of art collected. Learn to create relevant and highly coveted poster art by combining type, image, graphics, and color.