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HS Advertising and Marketing Communications Course Descriptions

Sharpen your communications skills and investigate the business side of advertising. Explore a career in advertising, corporate communications, direct marketing, publicity, public relations, promotion, media production, or journalism.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester

HAC 063  Careers in Advertising and Marketing Communications
How do you create an effective ad? How does publicity work? What makes an event special? Learn about the communications field while you storyboard TV commercials and create publicity campaigns, and special event concepts. Visit on-campus resources to see how broadcasting happens within FIT. Gallery

HAC 066 Digital and Interactive Marketing: Who’s Watching You?
Enter the world of digital and interactive marketing. What are universities, businesses, manufacturers, and retailers doing to use technology to follow you, engage you, and sell you more products? Students get a hands-on look into the world of digital marketing today. You'll create an APP, visit a TV studio, learn about infomercials, SMS campaigns, IP targeting, and segmentation. Learn about the digital tools and interactive engagement techniques used in today's world of marketing and communications.

HAC 067  Copywriting that Sells!
How do you convince others to purchase your product, donate to your cause, or hire you? Persuasive writing is key. Learn the copywriting techniques used by industry masters to create your own persuasive copy. This course is essential to anyone who wants to express their ideas influentially or who is considering a career in marketing, advertising, or business.