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HS Accessories Design: Opening Day Supply Lists

HLD 030 Constructing Handbags and Tech Accessories  (Updated 6/24/17)

  • Please bring $30 to purchase these materials on opening day.
    * Additional supplies will be discussed on the first day of class

HLD 031 Sneaker and Performance Footwear Design (Updated 6/24/17)

  • Blue Leads .9 or .7 size 
  • Blue Lead Pencil Holders
  • Regular Pencil
  • 11 x 14 Marker Paper Pad
  • 11 x 14 Tracing Paper Pad
  • French Curves (Frosted)
  • 12 Metal Ruler
  • Prismacolor, Chartpak, Copic or similar brand markers: small set of cool grey markers of values 1-10 or 1-6
  • Prisma Color Markers Assorted Colors
  • Sharpie markers in different sizes, fine tip through thick tip
  • White eraser, preferably Staedler Mars
  • 4-6 15 x 20 foam core boards or matte boards-Black 
  • Portfolio book with plastic sleeves for 11x14 art. Art supplies stores: Blick Art, DaVinci, Soho Art Materials, Artist & Craftsman supply, or any local supplier

HLD 037: Introduction to Footwear: Design and Construction Basics (Updated 2/23/18)

Please bring a pen and paper on the first day of class, your instructor will review the supplies on opening day.
Note to class: The following is a list of materials that will be needed for your construction projects. You may have the opportunity to share some supplies with your fellow classmates and some items may be provided by the school. We will discuss the details of these materials in our first class.

  • Upper Leather (4-5 Oz. Thick)

  • Top Sole Leather (7-8 Oz. Thick)

  • Rubber Outsole Material (5MM Thick)

  • Athletic Foam Outsole (5-15MM Thick)

  • Petronios (All Purpose Cement)

  • Ruler

  • Hammer

  • Rotary & Slot Punch

  • Scissors

  • Olfa Utility Knife

  • Awl

  • Fine Point Sharpie

  • Pencil

  • Oak Tag (Pattern Paper)

  • Tape (Double Sided Wood Working Tape)

  • Old Sandals (To Trace Sole Pattern)