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HS Accessories Design Course Descriptions

Are you passionate about bags? Belts? What about shoes? Learn about styling, design, product development, leather, accessories, and patternmaking careers—the hottest markets in the fashion industry.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester

HLD 030 Intro to Handbags and Small Leather Accessories Design 
This course introduces the you to the FIT Accessories Design program. 
You'll learn basic patternmaking skills and industrial machine sewing skills for handbags and small leather accessories. Become familiar with professional materials used in the accessories industry and utilize professional hand tools used for finishing and decorative ornamentation. You'll also discover industry resources used for color and accessories trend forecasting. Design and create a tote bag and several small leather accessories throughout your experience. Gallery    See more here...

HLD 031 Sneaker and Performance Footwear Design
What is the difference between sneakers and trainers? This class will walk you through the differences as you learn professional guidelines in developing sketches for your own footwear design. Learn the language of footwear and how to combine looks and performance, or evolve your fashion sneaker designs. You'll also learn basic sketching and presentation techniques required for your portfolio. Whether you're a collector, an athlete, or both, this course will walk you through influences and trends in footwear design specific to this ever-growing market.    See more about sneaker obsessions here...

HLD 037  Introduction to Footwear: Design and Construction Basics
Is footwear design a career for you? Explore footwear design and fabrication while you develop your own prototype. You'll learn about different shoe-styles, materials and shoe components as you create your design on both flat paper and dimensional pattern pieces. You will then modify your prototypes to construct your own original shoes utilizing leather and basic stitching techniques. Gallery