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Portfolio Requirements

What is a portfolio?

Consider your portfolio to be the transcript of your creative skills and experience. Your portfolio is the personalized collection of materials that reflect you as a design student. A portfolio is a record of your development as a creative being, proof of performance in class, evidence of what you have accomplished in tangible form, and evidence of learning new or advanced skills.

What should your portfolio consist of?

Your portfolio should consist of artwork from your major and related-area classes, and/or the equivalent coursework that demonstrates your knowledge, skill, and creativity in design communication. Your portfolio should be a neatly organized assembly of your work. Only the strongest work should be presented. Old work or work that you consider weak or have to make excuses for should not be included. The actual pieces should be in the portfolio—NOT photographs of them. Significantly over-sized pieces are the exception. Approximately 10-15 pieces should be enough work to accurately reflect your abilities. In addition, sketchbook(s) and work that shows your creative development process are highly encouraged.

Items found in most portfolios of applicants to Packaging Design include:

  • resume
  • evidence of specific skills
  • creativity
  • originality
  • typographic skills
  • technical skills
  • design process/concept development and/or project development
  • any work that provides an accurate representation of other abilities

If you have taken PK211 Introduction to Packaging Design or are currently in this course, any work accomplished to date can and should be included in the portfolio.

What is the portfolio interview?

The interview consists of a personal interview and portfolio review with two to four faculty members. The interview is fairly brief, so be prepared to express yourself effectively. During the interview, you will present yourself and showcase your abilities. Be prepared and be on time.

After the Admissions Office reviews your application for eligibility, you will be contacted via email regarding your portfolio interview date and time.

What happens after the portfolio interview?

The portfolio and interview evaluations are submitted to the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office compiles the completed application, determines admission qualification and communicates with the Applicant.

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