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Frances Neady collection

The Frances Neady collection contains over 300 illustrations by the prominent 20th-century fashion illustrators listed below. These are works of primary practitioners who demonstrate originality and individuality in their field. Many of these illustrations have been reproduced in American and foreign publications such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Femina, and L'Officiel.  Some of these artists created powerful visual identities for their clients, such as Dorothy Hood for Lord & Taylor, George Stavrinos for Bergdorf Goodman, and Jay H. Crawford for Bonwit Teller. This collection is a testament to the importance of these artists within the history of fashion. It parallels the impact of fashion photography on the field, encompasses work from 1913 to the present, and offers a view of history through aesthetic, cultural, and social shifts preserved in the idealized vision of fashion illustration. This collection was established in 1983 by Rosemary Torre and Frederick Bennett as a memorial to Frances Neady, an inspiring and dedicated teacher of fashion illustration, who served on the faculties of FIT and the Parsons School of Design for 40 years. 

Antonio (Lopez)

George Barbier

Pedro Barrios

Chrisitan Berard

Jeffrey Beuglet

Kenneth Paul Block

De Foret Bogart               

Rene Bouche

Harvey Boyd

Pierre Brissaud

Mia Carpenter

Jay H. Crawford

David Croland

Bil Donovan             

Tod Draz

H. Duncan

Donald Earley   

Albert Elia           

Richard Ely         

Eric (Carl Erickson)          

Esta (Nesbitt)   

Joe Eula               

Barbara Fox       

Jack Geizinger  

June Grammer

Norman Green

Fred Greenhill  

Arnold Hall         

A.T. Hannett

R&B (Robert & Bertha) Herrmann           

Dorothy Hood  

Jim Howard       

Doug Johnson  

Morton Kaish    

Annaliese Kapp               

Esther Larson    

Cheryl Lickona  

Gene Lloyd        

Mona Mark       

Mats (Gustafson)           

Robert Melendez           

Tom Morrow    

Jack Myers

Kichisaburo Ogawa

Bob Parker         

Robert Passantino          

Erica Perl             

Joseph Peters  

Alvin Pimsler     

Catherine Clayton Purnell

George Stavrinos            

Steven Stipelman           

Bob Sunshine   

Ruben Toledo   

Glen Tunstull    

Jane Turner                       

Carl Wilson

Izak Zanou